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Google shows off first Chromebooks

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 11 May 2011 2:40 User comments (9)

Google shows off first Chromebooks Google has introduced two Chromebooks today, one made by Samsung and the other made by Acer.
The netbooks will run on Google's Chrome OS.

Samsung's model will have a 12.1-inch display, 1280x800 resolution, 8 second boot time and 8 hour battery life. The device runs on a dual core 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N570 processor, has an HD webcam, a mini-VGA port, 2 USB ports and will weigh just 3.3 pounds.

A Wi-Fi-only version will sell for $429 while a 3G version will sell for $499.

The Acer model will be smaller and have an 11.6-inch display, 8 second boot time, dual core Intel Atom processor, 2 USB ports, an HD webcam, optional 3G and HDMI-out.

Acer's Chromebook will sell for $350 as Wi-Fi-only.

Perhaps more importantly, Google says both of the Chromebooks will be easily jailbroken, meaning users can tweak the OS, install homebrew or even (possibly) add a Linux distro for a dual boot.

The books go on sale on June 15th.

In what is likely a first, Google is also offering the Chromebooks as a subscription model for students, at $20 per month for schools per student.

View more pics here: Google Chromebooks

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9 user comments

111.5.2011 14:58

Sorry is that WiFi Samsung $29 or $299?

211.5.2011 15:18

I'll take the $29 version :D

411.5.2011 19:17

Wait, does this mean I missed out on the $29 edition? Darn! (lol)

511.5.2011 23:08

Wow...a netbook that might be capable of running linux? They are really breaking new ground!

611.5.2011 23:29

Doesn't Google realize netbooks have been on the decline? It's really hard to see what they hoped to do with Chrome OS.

712.5.2011 03:28

the Chrome OS will be dead in a year or two if someone gets one and dose not have internet it just a paper weight. they can keep it

812.5.2011 10:23

Yet another Google overachievement. They think their sh*t doesn't stink and continue to try and dip their hands in EVERY cookie jar BUT.............a Google netbook with Google OS is sh*t and stinks to high Hell. What a failure!

Please don't tell me that any of the smart people that regularly post on AD would be dumb enough to buy into this soon-to-be failed crap.

Apple has 3% of the market and Google thinks this will succeed with .00001% of the market. may be a success but this certainly won't be.

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915.5.2011 09:06

Some harsh words you got there.

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