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Uncensored 'Playboy' archive now available for iPad

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 May 2011 13:25 User comments (3)

Uncensored 'Playboy' archive now available for iPad Playboy has gone around Apple's "no nudity" App store stipulations and made its full archive of magazines available for iPad users, via the site and not through the store.
The site will cost $8 per month, or $60 per year, or a highly discounted $100 for 2 years.

In early January, founder Hugh Hefner tweeted that the archive would be available online by March, so it appears the plans saw unforeseen delays.

In addition to the standard photos of naked women, the web pages will also include exclusive videos and content recommendations from a group of "high-profile panel of celebrated individuals from art, design, fashion, media and technology."

Those members will make new suggestions each month starting in June.

The site will be formatted in HTML5.

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3 user comments

122.5.2011 21:21

gb hugh ^^

222.5.2011 23:05

In Other News the next iOS update will feature a web filter that blocks * and other sites to protect their users.

If people want their porn they are gonna get it. App or no App.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ~ Roy Trenneman

323.5.2011 12:20

Now I'm really confused... Either a senior moment or Steve Jobs has led the board with his rook...

Hefner wants to push the porn on Apple users so we can get some happy techies out there used to seeing naked girls for once (don't get pissy guys, just allow me some artist license here)...

But Steve is vehemently denying that which is most human/basic/primal in all of us. Again, (what I have whined about for months) trying to control the human condition.

Now I have no idea if such an 'app' is available for the other platforms (as I'm sure you folks will correct me), but why the Steve J aversion?

Gleaning from this 'blip' alone it's just the App Store alone that you can't get it from, so deducing this I can only ascertain that it's a form of PC (not the computer kind, keep up) business practice. Kind of being akin to keeping the Satanic bible out of the Christian Book Store if you will.

Then again, we are talking about Playboy here. The only publication on the planet that actually celebrates the female form. Not that I'm sure there aren't post-Playboy model horror stories out there, but the publication mogul does try to make something of the models in lieu of the rest of the industry specializing in the selling of images of naked women.

And I just thru Steve Jobs name in there. He himself probably doesn't immediately have a thing to do with any of this. I was just being inflammatory to get you guys to read and fulfill my narcissistic need. Which is kind of stupid because this site doesn't record how many hits this 'blurb' gets read...

Senior moment... maybe I will be glad when I get Alzheimers...

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