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WHO group says mobile phone use 'possibly carcinogenic'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Jun 2011 13:52 User comments (4)

WHO group says mobile phone use 'possibly carcinogenic' Review of previous studies and evidence prompts group to call for further research.
The group of 31 scientists working under the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said that a review of all the available scientific evidence and data from previous studies led it to a conclusion that use of mobile phones is "possibly carcinogenic."

Specifically, the group formally classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as Group 2B carcinogenic agents. The decision to do so came from a suggestion from previous research that mobile phone use increased the risk of a glioma, a particularly deadly form of brain cancer.

It is important to note that other agents listed under Group 2B include pickled vegetables and coffee, but also have unnerving agents such as lead, which shows the broad scope of "potential risk" that mobile phone use now fits in to.

Industry groups were quick to play-down the classification, pointing out that the IARC group did not do any new research in its findings. "This IARC classification does not mean that cell phones cause cancer," said John Walls, VP of public affairs, CTIA.

He also pointed out that other health organizations around the world had come to different conclusions, with the FDA in the United States finding that the weight of evidence suggests no link between mobile phone usage and brain tumors.

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4 user comments

11.6.2011 14:41

with the FDA in the United States finding that the weight of evidence suggests no link between mobile phone usage and brain tumors.

the same FDA that lied and said smoking cigarettes does not cause cancer, which would be true if everybody grew there own tobacco dried it out, cut it up, and rolled there own.

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21.6.2011 19:39

THIRTY-ONE of them came to a conclusion of "POSSIBLY" after review of EVERY available piece of data? Why did they even make Internet news?

31.6.2011 22:50

Because the FDA claimed that cell phones are harmless...and the FDA are a bunch of liars. The FDA is the "Food and Drug Administration"...what business do they have investigating radiation-induced brain cancer unless tainted food or medicine is to blame? If they were not (at least) as corrupt as the FDA, I would say that the NRC should have handled a matter like this.

Also, it isn't just 31 members of a larger group; it is every member of a 31-member group.

41.6.2011 23:36

ive seen the same story (repeatedly) on today tonight (its an australian current affairs style program) claiming mobile phones cause cancer.apparently baby moniters can give off high levels of radiation.more people die from smoking than extasy (cant imagine 13billion people popping "E"'s everyday) and if that many did the death rate would be much higher.scientist still havnt said if the chicken or the egg came first.I dont know if a mobile phone could cause cancer but i know people who have used them since the 90s (i have) and none of them have developed cancer.

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