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Security firm claims GPRS breach

Written by James Delahunty @ 10 Aug 2011 6:23 User comments (3)

Security firm claims GPRS breach German group claim crack of widely used mobile encryption code.
A German newspaper has reported that a Berlin-based security firm has cracked the encryption code for some mobile devices that use the Internet with GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology. The report claimed that the group discovered a way to read emails and observe Internet use of phones.

"With our technology we can capture GPRS data communications in a radius of 5 km," Karsten Nohl, head of Security Research Labs, is quoted as saying.

He said that phones using the UMTS standard are obviously safer, but the crack may have implications for industrial equipment, toll systems and other things that rely on GPRS technology. It is often the only type of connection available in remote areas.

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3 user comments

110.8.2011 19:08

being a security firm, we hope they keep the source on their local network and not leak it for the internet to find.

211.8.2011 08:13

lol, 10 years far to late.

the crims have been able to do this stuff for many a year.

311.8.2011 08:36

did not think it was worth breaking GPRS, figured Wifi networks would have better data lol ;p

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