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Apple seeks EU-wide ban on all Galaxy tablets, smartphones

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Aug 2011 9:28 User comments (3)

Apple seeks EU-wide ban on all Galaxy tablets, smartphones Apple's case against Samsung Electronics in the Netherlands is more severe than previously thought.
The iPhone-maker is reportedly demanding an extensive ban on all of Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the European market, and even goes as far as demanding that Samsung issue a recall of stock by European distributors and resellers too.

Apple's ban would cover manufacturing, importing, exporting, stocking or selling of all Galaxy-branded devices by Samsung Korea and all of its Dutch subsidiaries. Samsung's Dutch presence is a crucial part of its operations in the European market.

Apple also demands that Samsung send letters to all of their European clients to recall all infringing products within 14 days, and to offer compensation and cover all costs. The letter would also have to notify the client that if they do not comply, then they too will be violating Apple's intellectual property rights.

In the past year, Samsung has rapidly overtaken Apple in shipments in the smartphone market in Europe, and in the Middle East and Africa, while Apple still dominates the tablet market with an 69 percent share compared to Samsung's 7 percent.

The Hague district court will rule on the case on September 15. If Judge Edger Brinkman sided with Apple, an injunction would come into affect after October 13.

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3 user comments

119.8.2011 10:13

maybe apple should make a better product if they can't make something worth while for people to buy.

219.8.2011 12:03

Originally posted by xtago:
maybe apple should make a better product if they can't make something worth while for people to buy.

They never could, but they always have sold out anyway. Crapple is rich as hell already, but the rich always wants to get richer, using any method to become so. Which, of course, is easier if you just try to steal others' money by abusing of legal artifacts.

Judges in the world, wanna take a break and help progress at the same time? Please, make the future OPEN! Just drop every lawsuit related to stupid patents until they're all exhausted or virtually abolished, and let companies grow for what their services and products are worth and then have them go invent something new to keep evolving instead of standing as the bloody parasites they're all now (with Apple being the nastier of them, of course).

"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

319.8.2011 19:26

geez fight it out in the sales ..make your product the best then people will buy it seems they want no competition so they can charge what they like and people have no choice in the matter let the people decide what they want
freedom of choice next they'll try to ban all view-pads and anything that looks like their ipad
bloody crapple doing a micro$oft in for the $ F#*** the customers choice
customers have rights to the right to a fair choice in products what they feel is best for them not a crapple fits all

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