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Leaked roadmap points to Aug 2012 launch of Windows 8

Written by James Delahunty @ 25 Oct 2011 5:18 User comments (1)

Leaked roadmap points to Aug 2012 launch of Windows 8

Roadmap also details planned schedules for other Microsoft products, and mentions Windows 9.
The roadmap marked the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January as the target to release a beta of the Windows 8 operating system, along with the first "Tango" update for the Windows Phone OS, and WinStore Beta.

A release candidate of Windows 8 is scheduled to be rolled out at MIX 2012 along with the online market beta and the Kinect commercial SDK. The Windows 8 RTM (release to manufacturer) build is scheduled for release around June next year.

CES is also noted to bring the Xbox 360 SDK for creating apps, Apollo SDK for Windows Phone and a bunch of new third-generation Kinect video games.

The roadmap also mentions "Windows 9", slotting a developer preview in for the BUILD 2013 conference, and a beta release at CES 2014. MIX 2014 would get a release candidate build of Windows 9 and an RTM build would roll out at BUILD 2014. A commercial release for the OS is targeted for November 2014.

Of course, these dates need to be greeted with skepticism. Microsoft has not confirmed any dates for Windows 8's commercial release, let alone Windows 9, and the 2014 target for Windows 9 seems very early if Windows 8 launches in August 2012. Even if the roadmap is real, the projected events are not set in stone.

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125.10.2011 09:33

with the longer then normal life of windows xp users have to give thought if industry will release a new os every two years then why upgrade maybe they will learn that not all people will keep upgrading look im all for the new and better but how about Microsoft creates a product that doesn't have large holes in it for our data or info to be stolen... you know if you invest in a product tablet laptop desktop or whatever and it works why change it I know most cell phones cost more then a laptop or netbook.. so why will we want the new and the latest.... win 8 9 10 will come and go but the question is will we care and keep buying the new just to have it and pay for the upgrades or wait till we "need" to buy new to do our facebooking and spread sheets... ?

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