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Written by Jari Ketola @ 10 Nov 2011 5:48 User comments (4) now on Google+ After the introduction of Google+ Pages we have opened a page for as well. You can access it easily at If you have joined the Google+ Platform Preview program you might also see Google+ Badges around the site!
What type of content would you like to see featured on our page? News and commentary? Links to interesting content around the web? Inside information about AfterDawn? Or perhaps something completely different?

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4 user comments

110.11.2011 8:02

Until Google+ shuts down?

210.11.2011 9:38

That still exists?

310.11.2011 10:49

G+->>X10 better than facebook, which has become polluted, intoxicated with all sorts of junk...

410.11.2011 12:23

Not much of a fan of Facebook or Google+ but I do like the ability to give something a +1.

I also agree that while Facebook has some good ideas it seems messy and unorganized too me. Google+ seems much slicker. though as I said I do not use ether of them.

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