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Amazon Kindle Fire already rooted

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Nov 2011 14:48 User comments (5)

Amazon Kindle Fire already rooted Just one day after release, the Kindle Fire has already been rooted.
On the XDA forums, the developer has rooted the popular tablet using ADB and SuperOneClick 2.2.

By rooting the device, you can side load apps and eventually add custom ROMs to the device.

For those on the fence, Amazon has said it will not try to stop people from rooting their devices, but did not go out of its way to encourage it.

For those interested, read the post here: [ROOT][ONE-CLICK] How-To Get ADB running AND Root with SuperOneClick

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5 user comments

116.11.2011 15:58

count me in :)

216.11.2011 16:17

What they expect to happen when you hand out a droid device for next to nothing. Of course it's going to be rooted and being as such can likely handle epub files now. I can't blame amazon for not wanting to encourage that practice knowing that, as it will take away some of their business.

316.11.2011 17:21

I'm getting one of these for Christmas, period.

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416.11.2011 23:41

Now if only they can add onboard/expandable memory!

518.11.2011 11:58

Like we didn't see this coming... They'll still sell you the apps & ebooks at the same bloated prices as they always have.

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