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AMD HD 7000 series won't come cheap

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Dec 2011 17:17 User comments (4)

AMD HD 7000 series won't come cheap The upcoming AMD Radeon HD 7000 series video cards have been priced, says FZ, and they won't come cheap.
The HD 7970 high-end card is expected to have XDR2 DRAM, PCI-E Gen 3, built with 28nm tech and include the new GCN architecture.

At $549, the 7900 will be the most expensive card in the lot.

The "mid-range" HD 7950 will sell for $449.

Full details will be revealed this week, says AMD.

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4 user comments

14.12.2011 18:57

Given the fact its 79xx series, that's sounds on par with the previous entries when they were introduced (59xx and 69xx), so I hope they also reveal 78xx pricing.

25.12.2011 10:32

More graphics updates, hmm.
Not sure I'd see any serious practical improvement on my GeForce GTX 460, not with a 'normal' 28" 1080 single screen.
I'm stepping off that merry-go-round for a few gens now, I'll give it a year or maybe two before I look again.

35.12.2011 11:49

I'm still using a single HD5770. Completely skipped the HD6xxx series on power/heat issues.

45.12.2011 15:20

I just bought 2 add'l monitors and then realized that my HD 5850 wouldn't be able to handle Battlefield 3 while using Eyefinity. I don't really want to spend $700 on a 6990, so the 7970 will be a cheaper alternative. And I can always look at Crossfire after the prices come down in a year or so.

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