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Adele is 'iTunes Artist of the Year'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Dec 2011 20:44 User comments (7)

Adele is 'iTunes Artist of the Year' Adele comes out ahead on iTunes.
The 23-year old British singer has provided both the top selling single of the year on iTunes, and the top selling album, earning herself the title of "iTunes Artist of the Year". She topped the charts for the year ahead of Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, LMFAO, CeeLo Green, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Coldplay and Jay-Z.

The 'iTunes Rewind' list marks out the year's most downloaded iTumes from Apple's music store, while not providing any sales information.

Other noteable achievements included Nicki Minaj being labeled the Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and Foo Fighters getting Album of the Year for "Wasting Light," the seventh studio album from the band.

Outside of music, Angry Birds was the top selling game for the iPad, and Doctor Who was the most downloaded TV show.

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7 user comments

19.12.2011 20:55


29.12.2011 20:58

who the hell is Adele?

39.12.2011 22:57

I saw a wave of criticism around the world towards Adele, perhaps there are a lot of people who thought that the fact that Gaga was on top of the world made it ok for them to be shallow, they where hip and they don't like to miss the smallest piece of the spotlight

410.12.2011 6:07

She's 23? Fucking hell I thought she was more like 40!

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510.12.2011 9:40

What's next, a televised iTunes ceremony?

Who is Adele? How is this Adele person judged? Maybe by iTune users?

Edit: OIC the best selling single of year.


Is this how talent is judged, by sales? Most likely teenage girls downloaded the song.

I watched a Youtube video of Adele. Not a bad voice, just not my cup of tea.

Not a big fan of Gaga's fashion statements but a least see has a great voice without digital enhancements.

Listen to her sing a duet with one of the greats Tony Bennett.

Lousy audio..


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610.12.2011 14:03

The 'iTunes Rewind' list marks out the year's most downloaded iTumes from Apple's music store, while not providing any sales information.

What is iTumes? Assuming it's a typo...sad a typo is the most interesting bit in the article.

Just my $0.02,


710.12.2011 23:48

if you dont know who adele is shes a singer from england.shes had about 6 songs in australias top ten recent charts in the last 3months.shes got a strong voice but most the songs seem to be about how unlucky she is in love.shes also done very well on the charts in england.

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