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Square Enix hacked, 1.8 million users affected

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Dec 2011 1:38 User comments (1)

Square Enix hacked, 1.8 million users affected Game developer Square Enix has announced this week that 1.8 million user accounts have been compromised thanks to a security breach.
Hackers hit one of Square Enix's servers, taking the company's U.S. and Japanese sites offline. 1 million Japanese users accounts were compromised and 800,000 in the U.S., say reports.

Enix says that the accounts did not contain credit card info, but did have full names, emails, phone numbers and addresses. The developer has warned that phishers may send emails asking for passwords or credit card numbers, and that those should be ignored as the company would never ask for them.

The company was hit earlier this year, as well, with a European server being hacked and 25,000 customer accounts being compromised. Additionally, the resumes of 250 applicants were taken.

Although still horrible, the numbers in this case pale in comparison to Sony's nightmare PSN experience, in which over 100 million users had their personal info compromised, including passwords and likely credit card info.

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1 user comment

130.12.2011 11:31

Um, when are people going to get the hint? Do NOT provide ANY information to any $ony affiliated group. Period. $ony will abuse it, use the money to install rootkits on your machines, legislate away your ability to use your hardware as you like, prevent your access to your own software, and will LOSE the information to hackers.

If anybody is desperate as to moronically supply $ony with more money and support their evil business practices, for Pete's sake, use a fake name and a dedicated prepaid credit cards.

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