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Apple, Motorola in cross-licensing talks, EU docs show

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Mar 2012 1:42 User comments (1)

Apple, Motorola in cross-licensing talks, EU docs show EU documents spill beans on cross-licensing talks.
Documents related to the European Commission's review of Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility show that Apple Inc. and Motorola held cross-licensing talks in 2011. The two firms even discussed the "scope of any potential settlement," following Motorola's sale to Google.

Had such talks been successful - or if any further negotiations are - it could potentially benefit all manufacturers of smartphones running an Android operating system.

Apple is currently entangled in litigation worldwide with manufacturers of Android-powered smartphones, which Apple has long argued copies extensively from its own iPhone software.

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1 user comment

113.3.2012 12:26

So if I look at this article from one angle, Google basically said we're not going to breath the same air as Apple on this planet. Is that about right? Seems fair enough to me. It's been the basis of debate throughout AD for quite some time now, much less the court system.

Frankly, Apple can take a bite out my ass as well. Rules say they can't have a monopoly here in the US. So whine & sue happy as they may be, folks can 'copy' whatever they want, so long as the mechanism is different. [yeah, yeah, folks are being sued over that too]

I don't know what Motorola was doing looking in Apple's cookie jar, but it isn't uncommon for a company to make parts for multiple competitors either. I mean Asus makes mother boards for Intel & AMD. So having intimate knowledge of their architecture is the only way to get things working.

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