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Upcoming Xbox successor to be called Xbox 8?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 May 2012 20:50 User comments (4)

Upcoming Xbox successor to be called Xbox 8? According to sources, Microsoft's upcoming gaming console will be named "Xbox 8."
The console, which is going by the codename "Durango," was previously rumored to be called Xbox Next, Xbox 720 and Xbox Infinity.

Xbox 8 makes sense given the company's other lines of business. Windows 8 is set for release in October, and the Windows Phone platform is expected to be upgraded to version 8 (dubbed Apollo) at the same time.

The sources cited by thisisxbox say developers have already received alpha versions of the console (in non-console form) that include an Oban chipset made by IBM.

Additionally, the 'Infinity' name will remain around, says the site, becoming an enhanced form of the current Xbox Live. Infinity will connect all Windows 8 digital downloads and apps across the platforms.

Finally the system will include a "service that will bring all current-gen digital stock into a next-gen era on the new console ? it is the backwards compatible functions," says the site.

Microsoft's console is expected to launch for the holiday season 2013.

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4 user comments

114.5.2012 21:01

The epitome of the unimaginative. Even if this were true, it's a non-issue interesting to no one.

214.5.2012 21:17

haa, now I know why.

315.5.2012 21:28

Originally posted by CJ007:
haa, now I know why.

416.5.2012 18:24

Umm...Xbox "8" = Xbox "Infinity"...that 8 is more likely a moebius strip...

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