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Fake anti-virus apps show up for Android

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 May 2012 0:01 User comments (3)

Fake anti-virus apps show up for Android Scareware abound for Android phones.
Most people reading this page will have seen some form of fake anti-virus utility running on a Windows PC at one point or another. Now, Sophos's Graham Cluley is showing how the same tactics are being used for Android, particularly in Russia.

One particular source, in Ukraine, is responsible for a bunch of malicious websites. Some of them offer fake updates for real apps, such as Skype and Opera, while others prompt the user with fake virus scans, and fake results.

In both cases, the user may be duped into installing a fake anti-virus utility on the Android handset. Just like with Windows, the software attempts to look like a real, honest anti-malware utility. One of the variants even uses Kaspersy's own icon for the Android app.

Once installed, it attempts to send premium SMS messages to generate revenue, and also will attempt to download and install other malicious software to the handset.

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3 user comments

119.5.2012 7:22

Just like MyCleanPC and other Windows BS apps are sold LEGALLY on TV??? Besides changing the name of the product every year or two, I'm surprised the people running those shenanigans aren't locked up for massive fraud.

219.5.2012 11:22

I don't get it. You have to specifically install the thing, how do people get tricked? I mean, is it that hard to pay attention?

~*Livin' Electronicallly*~

319.5.2012 11:45

Clearly an article for those that are technologically inept and retarded through and through. Anyone falling for this is BANNED from the interweb.

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