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Samsung, Apple talks fail to reach compromise

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 May 2012 5:54 User comments (1)

Samsung, Apple talks fail to reach compromise CEOs fail to reach a deal.
Samsung chief executive Choi Gee-sung and Apple CEO Tim Cook were to met this week after being ordered to do so by the Northern District Court of California. The Judge had hoped that mediation efforts between both parties could bring about a speedy resolution to the case, which both companies say they want.

However, the Korea Times is reporting that no compromise was reached between the two executives. The case is heading for trial in July, a prospect that neither tech firm really wants to face.

Apple has accused Samsung of slavishly cloning its iPad and iPhone products with the Samsung line of Galaxy tablets and smartphones. Samsung denies the allegations and accuses Apple of infringing on patents related to wireless technology.

The two have slugged it out in court in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia over the conflict.

Choi Gee-sung had reportedly suggested that cross-licensing agreement might be the best way for both to resolve the dispute and avoid a costly and risky trial.

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1 user comment

125.5.2012 10:12

Sounds to me like Apple might be the one in the hot seat over this. Samsung is actually KNOWN for doing research & development. Apple has always seemed (to me) to be more of a physically Design Oriented company that takes off-the-shelf technology & sticks it in their pretty boxes.

Apple 'might' have been more software oriented (and to some extents still are), but their form & function features are still the driving force of all their sales.

Samsung & other like minded companies have quality & performance built into their devices. Granted this sometimes plays into not being 'quite' the utmost user friendly devices as say the Apple products, but to still be some of the highest selling market valued? That's saying something.

My point being, Apple goes to Samsung for their 'off-the-shelf' parts that they don't design or develop because they have a pretty box & tell them "Make this work". Guess what? It's Samsung's device they put in their squawk box. Get over it.

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