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Sky Movies monopoly probe dropped in UK

Written by James Delahunty @ 24 May 2012 6:07 User comments (3)

Sky Movies monopoly probe dropped in UK

Regulators leave Sky Movies off the hook.
The Competition Commissioner had found last August that Sky enjoyed a monopoly on running movies first in the UK for years. It had estimated the cost to the public of this monopoly at 60m-70 million per year. It has not backed off on that stance, however.

The entry of Netflix and Amazon's LoveFilm into the market has provided Sky with adequate competition in the space. Also, the viewing habits of people in the UK are starting to change, making which service shows movies first on PPV irrelevant.

"Competition between providers of movie services on pay TV has changed materially and, as a result of these changes, consumers now have much greater choice," said Laura Carstensen, who led the Commission's investigation.

"LoveFilm and Netflix offer services which are attractive to many consumers and they appear sufficiently well-resourced to be in a position to improve the range and quality of their content further."

Sky had been investigated by UK communications regulator Ofcom for three years, before it passed the case on to the Competition Commissioner.

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3 user comments

125.5.2012 07:59

lol the goverment in the UK has really fallen out of love with mr murdock hasn't they.

I can see this all getting very messy at some point..!

225.5.2012 09:34

Window dressing.

The Current UK Gov has not fallen out of love with the Murdock empire (as Jeremy Hunt's appointment & his communications revealed by Leveson prove).
They could hardly have done more to smooth the path for the Murdocks.
It was only the dogged determination of those pursuing the 'phone hacking' scandal that won the day (after almost every news outlet in the UK - including the supposedly left-wing BBC - had studiously ignored the story for many months).

This Gov is plainly not on the side of the people, same old same old, business no matter how corrupt always comes first.

This company has been proven to have engaged in the systematic bribery of serving Police officers in the UK.

What's left to discuss?

The Murdock's should be disbarred from owning any business in the UK......and the USA would be well advised to begin their own enquiries as to how corrupting this lot have been in the US.

325.5.2012 09:37

You left out how they paid for people to kill the competing companies like on digital by funding people to crack the other providers smart cards.

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