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Yahoo search share continues downtrend

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Jun 2012 22:48 User comments (4)

Yahoo search share continues downtrend Yahoo has lost share in the search market for the ninth straight month.
The info comes via research firm comScore, who pulls together data on a daily basis for the major search engines in the U.S.

For May 2012, Yahoo's share fell 0.1 percent to 13.4 percent.

Back in August 2011, Yahoo was at 16.2 percent so the decline has been slow but notable.

Yahoo's loss has been Google's gain, as the search giant ate two of those percentage points. Microsoft's Bing took the rest although Microsoft and Yahoo are partners.


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4 user comments

113.6.2012 4:14

You can't argue with success... Simple thing G00GLE works, i've never used yah000 while with b1ng i can't find what i'd like as easily as I do with G00GLE. Could be personal preference, but I'll stick to what i know works.

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214.6.2012 2:26

I'll use Bing if I ever need to find the definition of a word int he question I'm asking.

Seriously, I cannot comprehend one reason to use Bing or Yahoo over Google...they just don't stack up, and they don't even make a semi-competent attempt. It's almost embarrassing as far as I'm concerned.

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315.6.2012 0:02

Google also has better features than Bing and Yahoo.
It also has fun little features like neat little effects and games you can trigger by searching things.
Try searching things like "Zerg Rush", "Tilt" or "Askew", and "Do a Barrel Roll" (may only work for Google Chrome though).

One of the only things I've seen Bing do better than google is Factorials. Google only goes to 170! and bing goes to 815!. Though who would need to go up that high. Yahoo can't even do Factorials.
170 ! = 7.25741562 10^306
815! = 3.1489192 x 10^2020

I probably will never use Yahoo. I might use Bing sometimes and when I have to (like on my xbox).

415.6.2012 7:59

I can honestly say that I've never used Bing except when I was forced to when I used to play games on the now defunct Club Bing. Yahoo is OK in a pinch, but my homepage is now and forever will be Google...

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