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On Tablets, gaming trumps video & social networks

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Oct 2012 13:33 User comments (1)

On Tablets, gaming trumps video & social networks Google report highlights gaming on Tablets.
The study showed that 51.5 percent of participants used their tablet PCs for gaming within a two week period. That represents an average of 10.9 percent of total incidents of use, which apparently beats social networking or watching video.

Checking e-mails was clearly a favourite for tablet users, with 84.5 percent using a tablet to check e-mails within the period, and e-mail accounting for 18.9 percent of total incidents of use.

Google's results are largely in line with a similar study conducted by Nielsen into what consumers use their tablet PCs to do.

"By better understanding current tablet activities and their context, these findings may serve as a basis for anyone designing and developing applications and sites for tablets," the Google report notes.

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1 user comment

125.10.2012 12:57

Why use a tablet for emails? How stupid, my tablet sees most of it's usage from music, videos and internet followed by gaming and everything else. I need space and demand ports and expansion and google is force feeding the cloud bullcrap. Email is less than 1% for me easily.

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