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Sales of iPads slow in fourth quarter

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2012 10:56 User comments (1)

Sales of iPads slow in fourth quarter iPad tablet sales slow, reduce profits.
Still, profits in the three month period were $8.2 billion, rising from $6.6 billion - about 27 percent - from the same period of last year. Sales of iPhones were very strong in the financial fourth quarter to September 29th, reaching 29.6 million, which Apple sold 14 million iPads.

That is somehwat short of expectations. Analysts say the likely cause for the slowdown was the rumors of the upcoming iPad mini, where potential customers were reluctant to buy an iPad until they witnessed what new model Apple had to offer.

"We were happy with the 14 million iPad sales in the quarter. It exceeded our expectations," said Apple finance director Peter Oppenheimer. "But as the summer went on, the rumours were pretty rampant about the iPhone and iPad."

Apple shares initially dropped 1.5 percent in after hours trading, but analysts did not see any reason for concern.

A lot of attention is now on the iPhone 5 smartphone, which was only on sale for less than two weeks of Apple's fourth quarter, and is expected to be a hot selling item in the important holiday season.

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1 user comment

126.10.2012 17:19

Of course!

Apple sales will always slow down significantly if the Apple sheeple non-thinkers are made aware that yet another version of the product they already own is about to be replaced with an almost identical and insignificantly changed product.........which will then in turn cause the previous identical generation to become obsolete simply because Apple fans are wanting that tiny, lame-ass, insignificant difference that they ultimately never use anyway for the most part.

It's a cyclical retard Apple mentality.

How about Apple wait a couple years for a noteworthy amount of changes to be employed before releasing another inevitable landfill filler????

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