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Wireless power specification approved by A4WP consortium

Written by James Delahunty @ 30 Oct 2012 1:58 User comments (1)

Wireless power specification approved by A4WP consortium

A4WP approves Wireless power specification.
The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) has approved a wireless power specification that will allow consumers to charge their mobile devices on a variety of compatible surfaces. The specification is based on a concept of spatial freedom, extending wireless power applications beyond the accessory or add-on market to fully integrated solutions in the device as well as surfaces such as furniture and automobiles.

"The Alliance for Wireless Power and its members have been focused on creating a more flexible wireless power specification that sets the stage for formal standardization in the future," said Dr. Kamil A. Grajski, president of the A4WP.

"Approval of the A4WP wireless power specification establishes a true path forward for the commercialization of wireless charging that will satisfy the needs of most consumers. A4WP and its members will now set their sights on building compliant wireless applications that can be integrated by key industries including automotive, furniture and retail."

The specification brings some benefits to the wireless charging ecosystem...
  • For consumers, the A4WP specification supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices with various power requirements such as handsets, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, GPS devices and mobile tablets
  • For industrial designers, the A4WP specification leverages a loosely coupled magnetic resonance technology and provides more flexibility for charging applications to be installed into automobiles, furniture and other surfaces
  • For the consumer electronics industry, the A4WP specification takes advantage of broadly adopted wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth 4.0, which will allow manufacturers to minimize hardware requirements

A4WP members will meet October 30 and 31 in Dallas to discuss strategies to bring wireless charging technology to mobile consumers and the mass consumer electronics marketplace.

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11.11.2012 10:21

Scam - Wireless power has been out for many years but kept locked down by power companies. We could have wirelessly powered electric cars but the biggest problem is the power companies/government trying to find a way to meter and charge everyone that taps into wireless energy fields beamed around the planet.

It's all about money - greedy sods.

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