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Piracy sites targeted by London police

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Jun 2013 21:22 User comments (3)

Piracy sites targeted by London police Police in London have written to the operators of two websites it alleges are profiting by breaking copyright laws.
The City of London Police, working with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, targeted the sites for sharing links to music, movies and games without permission from the copyright holders. They have until June 14 to contact police or risk facing further actions.

"These websites are able to operate and profit from advertising on their sites without having licenses or paying the creators and owners of the films, TV programmes, music and publications," a statement reads.

"Intellectual property crime is a serious offence that is costing the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds each year."

The two websites were not named, but apparently are known to be located and operating beyond the UK's borders.

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3 user comments

15.6.2013 0:50

ok lets see here your going to go after a site which could just close shop and move to another city over night so you didn't stop jack

25.6.2013 8:47

Yes seems like, lets look like we make an effort, but who is paying for this, as if its not in the UK, what they gonna do, keep trying to block

39.6.2013 1:46

How on earth can the British police have any jurisdiction over a company located in another country ?? Thats absolutely ridiculous.
Its bit like the australian federation against copyright theft taking my ISP all the way to the High Court of Australia and the judges decided that the ISP is not responsible for the content that its subscribers download. They are only providing the connection to the internet .. which is the way it should be.
Look at this another way .. would you sue BT the telephone line provider because I was making obscene phone calls ..of course you wouldnt. BT are not responsible and ISPs are exactly the same. Good on the Aussie legal system

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