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U.S. jails Chinese software pirate

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Jun 2013 10:11

U.S. jails Chinese software pirate A judge in the United States has sent a Chinese national to prison for operating a huge software piracy operation.
Xiang Li was arrested in the US Pacific territory of Saipan in June, 2011, and pleaded guilty to accusations he had sold over $100 million worth of pirated software through his website.

Li would get the pirated software from Internet forums, then list it on a website posing as a software dealer. The software included popular names from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Rockwell Automation. Li sold the pirated software for far lower prices than retail, some for $20 and some for $1,200.

The actual value of some of the software items reached $1 million.

In total, Li had more than 2,000 dodgy copies of software for sale.

This marks the first time that a Chinese national has been prosecuted in the United States for crimes related to copyright infringement.

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