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Yahoo out of the bidding for Hulu?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Jun 2013 6:35

Yahoo out of the bidding for Hulu?

According to a new report, the joint owners of Hulu have extended the deadline for bidding to next week.
Supposedly, the deadline was pushed to allow DirecTV more time to line up potential financing for their bid, which will be $1 billion.

Hulu has been up for sale for most of 2013 by its owners Disney, News Corp and NBCU (Comcast).

While there have been many bidders, the report claims the final round will be between DirectTV, Peter Chernin (with AT&T) and Guggenheim Digital.

This means Yahoo, which lowballed $800 million, is out of the running, along with Time Warner and others.

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