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Vonage buys up VoIP co. Vocalocity

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Oct 2013 22:42 User comments (2)

Vonage buys up VoIP co. Vocalocity Vonage has purchased VoIP company Vocalocity for $130 million.
The company will look to improve its position in the small-to-mid size enterprise business with the new acquisition.

Chief Executive Marc Lefar says the company will pay $105 million in cash and $25 million in stock and calls the move "transformative."

Vonage has 2.3 million VoIP/communications customers, but has a tiny presence in the lucrative business market. Vocalocity has 21,000 business customers, with the average customer paying $230 per month, well above what the average Vonage customer pays.

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2 user comments

111.10.2013 11:37

Anyone using Vonage or thinking of using Vonage. You had to sign or will have to sign an agreement that Vonage is not liable for anything they do to you.

In my case they promised to convert a cell phone # of ours to the Vonage system. They put a 'lock' on the number in the move procedure. They then suggested that I cancel the move until I got the lines in our house ready for the service. They canceled the move but not the lock. Then when they tried to move the line it was locked from the previous transaction. Only the entity that created the lock can remove the lock. Their software much be screwed up so they couldn't remove the lock. Vonage blamed me for the screw up. We had a 3-way call me, Vonage and ATT. The ATT person quoted the law that stated if Vonage made the lock only they can unlock the account. After the call Vonage pretended like the call never happened. I was able to cancel the service within the money back trial period. Unbeknownst to be they kept me on but just stopped the bills. After 6 months I racked up enough bill they started coming after me. They wanted 9 months of fees.

That was over 5 years ago. I still get calls from collection agencies telling me to pay up or face dire consequences. I give them a counter proposal. If I never hear from them again I will not report them to the FTC. The FTC has been suing collection agencies who continue to call after the person claims they do not owe any money. No one as tested me to see if I will actually report them.

212.10.2013 6:50

Is Vonage even a profitable company yet?

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