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Target offering $200 credit for any iPad until November 9

Written by James Delahunty @ 05 Nov 2013 6:33

Target offering $200 credit for any iPad until November 9

Target is offering $200 in store credit in exchange for working, undamaged iPads - including the first generation iPad.
The exchange can only be made at a Target store, and the iPad must power on properly and not be scratched or damaged. In exchange, Target will issue $200 credit.

The promotional material for the Target offer suggests that the credit is being given "towards the purchase of a new iPad" but customers who have already availed of the offer said they could use it for anything. Still, be sure to ask first.

If you have an old 2010 iPad lying around, you could take it to a Target store and put it toward a newer iPad when you have the chance. You could pick up an iPad Air for $299 with the trade-in or an iPad mini without retina display for $99. But remember, according to the promotional material the offer is only in place "November 3rd thru 9th" so make up your mind soon.

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