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Xbox boss: Virtual Reality is not a 'fad'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2014 18:27 User comments (3)

Xbox boss: Virtual Reality is not a 'fad' Newly appointed head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has said that Virtual Reality (VR) is not a fad after Xbox co-creator Ed Fries cast doubt on its potential to help Xbox One beat PS4.
Ed Fries had commented that Microsoft needs to stick to core gaming and services for its users in order to beat PlayStation 4 (PS4) in the current console generation. He stressed that making great gaming content with blockbuster IP and delivering the best services through Xbox could help Microsoft to overcome Sony.

Fries said: "They need better exclusive games than PS4. They need to be more open to indie developers. They need to adopt free to play gaming more aggressively. They need to continue to move Xbox Live forward as the leading online service. They need to show people why they included the new Kinect on every machine by demonstrating a compelling use for it."

In the area of VR however, Fries warned that Microsoft should look at the collapse of 3D demand before taking the VR route to compete with the PS4. Facebook's recent $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift and Sony's own Project Morpheus show that VR is in the pipeline in any event, and Microsoft is known to be developing a VR system of its own, and also has reportedly spent around $150 million on wearable technology assets.

New Xbox head Phil Spencer said he thinks VR is not a fad while responding to a question about Fries' comments on Twitter.

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3 user comments

14.4.2014 2:51

Wern't they singing the same tune too Wii's motion controls?...then the Kinect. So if Sony's VR kicks off and starts making massive profits will they stick by their guns or eat their words? This new CEO has been making some pretty bold statements since appointed, I would think he would be a bit more cautious and market sensitive after the disposition Microsoft gave themselves before the Xbox One was officially released.

24.4.2014 10:40

Untill you do not need a headset its a fad.

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34.4.2014 22:32

Microsoft shot themselves in the foot when they said they were going to try to do away with used games on the xbox one and that it needed to have internet to play games.

Now they have reversed course because because the public told them to go take a flying leap off the Grand Canyon if that was going to be their decision. They tanked in pre order sales and have been playing catch up with the playstation 4 ever since!

They are going to become a "fad" if they keep trying to impose things gamers don't like!

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