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Google trying to trademark 'Glass', encountering opposition

Written by James Delahunty @ 04 Apr 2014 12:32 User comments (8)

Google trying to trademark 'Glass', encountering opposition Google is attempting to trademark the word 'Glass' but is encountering resistance from the U.S. trademark office and at least one other company.
The search giant has already trademarked 'Google Glass', its 'smart glasses' that have yet to hit retail. However, it would much prefer to have a trademark for the word 'Glass' for its product, and submitted an application for it last year.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office responded to Google by letter, in which a trademark examiner had two main concerns. The first concern is the possibility of consumer confusion, due to similarities with existing or pending trademarks.

The second concern is that 'Glass' is just a descriptive term, and descriptive terms are not entitled to trademark protection.

Google completely disagree, of course, and responded with a 1928 page letter consisting mostly of media coverage of Google Glass. It also argues that Glass is not a descriptive term for Google Glass at all, because the frame and display components don't consist of Glass, but instead are made from plastic and titanium.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Border Stylo, LLC - which develops a browser extension called 'Write on Glass' - has filed a notice of opposition to Google's application.

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Google Is Having Trouble Trying to Trademark the Word 'Glass':

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8 user comments

14.4.2014 16:16

hopefully google doesn't get the patent.

24.4.2014 21:53

Stupid is as stupid does! I hope they fail getting the patent!

35.4.2014 13:00

Google can't trademark "Glass" anymore than someone can trademark the Wind.

411.4.2014 23:33

If Mocrosoft can get patent for Windows which exist on ALL the man made structures in the world why mot Glass for Google?

512.4.2014 13:03

Microsoft also owns the word WORD. That must be a confusing patent to read.

612.4.2014 13:33

only as a program they own the "WORD".

712.4.2014 23:50

Originally posted by ddp:
only as a program they own the "WORD".
I'm pretty sure they only own "Windows" as a program too...otherwise Pella would get sued.

813.4.2014 16:35

correct & just not pella too.

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