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Nokia expected to bring HERE mapping service to Android and iOS

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Sep 2014 21:48 User comments (3)

Nokia expected to bring HERE mapping service to Android and iOS Nokia will soon release their HERE mapping services for iOS and Android, looking to take some share from its bigger rivals.
Currently, HERE maps are the default mapping service for Windows Phone devices, but will soon be available for free for the two major operating systems.

Giving HERE a major leg up on Google and Apple is the fact that Nokia will make full maps available for downloading when offline. "We will go where the scale is," says a Nokia exec. "I'm convinced people are looking for alternatives. Google Maps is a good solution for many--their maps work very well--but it has looked the same and done the same for a long time."

Nokia is not expected to see any financial gains from the move, since there is really no advertising yet, especially compared to Google Maps. The mapping business makes money through corporate license fees for use of the digital mapping platform especially to companies that have major logistics needs, like a Fedex for example.


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3 user comments

16.9.2014 12:16

I'll use this new mapping software, a definite upgrade it looks like.

26.9.2014 21:23

Must admit I have been using Blackberry and Android - never had a windows phone till my new job gave me a Nokia 520 - the HERE mapping service makes the phone worth buying on its own its very good pirce of software and I have to admit the phone beats by BB9000,BB9800 and Huawei G300 into a cocked hat for speed , fluidity ease of use - pretty much everything really.

If you are on the road and need a good gps satnav on your phone this is actually better than Garman and others - who needs satnav products now when you can just use your smartphone.

36.9.2014 22:13

I have two different standalone GPS devices and I never use them now that my phone does a decent job, and I haven't paid for new updated maps in a long time, which is a even better.

This is a better detail explaining HERE and you can get the beta if you wish:
Android Fans Rejoice: HERE for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Official Website

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