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Minecraft for Windows Phone already in the works

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Oct 2014 22:05

Minecraft for Windows Phone already in the works Last month, Microsoft acquired Minecraft maker Mojang for over $2 billion, promising to keep the game available on all major consoles and operating systems, and adding new Xbox One and Windows Phone versions.
According to a Mojang dev, the company was already working on the port for Windows Phone, even before the major acquisition. Tommaso Checchi tweeted some photos of the "Pocket Edition" of the game listed in the app menu of his Lumia 635. Notably, that phone only has 512MB RAM, so the game should work on all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Added the dev: "Btw, here's another reason we've been pretty busy... The port is in the first stages though. It's kind of slow now and needs optimization, so in full Mojang style the release date is "soon". And nobody forced/threatened us if you're wondering! Actually, we started before the whole Microsoft thing :)"

Likely, the game is a few months away, but Windows Phones and Minecraft fans have something to look forward to.

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