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Popcorn Time 2.4 beta for Android takes experience to new level with offline playback

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Nov 2014 22:30 User comments (8)

Popcorn Time 2.4 beta for Android takes experience to new level with offline playback The Popcorn Time team has announced a new killer feature for the software: Offline viewing.
With the new 2.4 beta for Android, smartphone and tablet users can watch TV and movies even when they are not connected to the Internet.

In addition, the new update comes with some major upgrades for other recently announced features. The full change log here:

What else does this version have in store for you?

- You can watch stuff offline.
- We fixed bugs from crash reports you sent us (thanks!)
- We added support for physical keyboard
- We made some major improvements (torrents, vlc, Chromecast, updater and other)
- We added subtitle font color chooser in settings
- We added dimensions for normal, large and x-large screen sizes.

You can get the update here directly from Popcorn Time, as the app is not available through the Google Play Store.

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8 user comments

119.11.2014 17:43


As a network engineer, my sh*t is locked down and I'm vigilant about staying under the scope.

I had Popcorn Time for the PC and my wife just streamed 1 single crappy episode of "Selfie" which was cancelled recently that she fell asleep through, only to receive an email from ATT indicating my IP was used to grab that particular show not even 2 days later.

PopcornTime accesses the torrents BUT using Peerblock seriously debilitates the program....unlike a simple downloading of the Torrents via a client like Utorrent. I guarantee that Verizon, ATT, Sprint, Tmobile will hound your ass for using this program.

Don't get me wrong.....BEST PROGRAM OF THE YEAR. Except you'll get busted.

I removed PT and deleted and NEVER looking back. It's a torrent that runs outta control and unchecked.

219.11.2014 20:15

I've been keeping a close eye on this program and I've not heard such reports. Yours is the first. As a matter of fact I'm a bit surprised it seems to be so "under the radar".

I'd be interested in anyone else's experience.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

320.11.2014 7:57

Use a VPN

420.11.2014 15:35

Originally posted by sikosrus:
Use a VPN

A "newbie" telling me to use a VPN.

First off 'newb', VPN is a charge. Maintaining a secure and speedy while unfettered VPN is a price. Second, Why would ANYONE (other than nefarious and brutal leeching infringers and rampant pirates) want to VPN every time they use a program? However, assuming you are suggesting to VPN all the time.....I would ask you WHY? It's totally unnecessary!

There is NO PRACTICAL means to employ safety measures to avoid detection.

Mind you......I was busted for PT'ing a CANCELLED CRAPPY TELEVISION SHOW!!!

I suggest couchtuner or classic torrenting with a client and using Peerblock.

The email:

Copyright Infringement Alert
For Account Ending: XXXX
Primary Account Holder: Valued Customer
Dear Valued Customer (Primary Account Holder),

We are sending you this alert as part of our participation in the Copyright Alert Program an industry-wide initiative intended to help users understand their rights and responsibilities in the distribution of copyrighted content online.

Digital content owners routinely monitor file-sharing networks to determine if copyrighted movies and music are being distributed illegally over the Internet. Through the Copyright Alert System, we've recently received a notice from a movie studio, record company, television studio or other company that owns copyrighted material that your AT&T Internet account was used in connection with possible infringement of their copyright protected materials.

Your account was identified by its IP address. However, in keeping with the AT&T Privacy Policy, we have not released your name or personal information, and we will not do so except as required by a lawful request for records. But at the request of the content owner, we are sending this alert which applies to all users of your account so that the issue may be resolved without further action.

A copy of the original notice can be found at, but summary information is available at the end of this email.

What is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright protection gives creators of original intellectual property (such as music, movies, videos, books, artwork, and images) the exclusive right to that work including control over reproduction, distribution, adaptation, performance, or financial benefit. If you or any other user(s) of your account copy, reproduce, adapt, or distribute copyrighted material without authorization, you are infringing those rights.

Using your Internet service to infringe copyrights is illegal and a violation of the AT&T Internet Terms of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which apply to all users of your account, and could result in mitigation measures including limitation of Internet access or even suspension or termination.*

How Does this Affect Me?

Through the Copyright Alert Program, users are given an opportunity to understand and change behavior that may be resulting in Copyright Alerts. However, if they receive multiple Copyright Alerts, they may encounter corrective action or mitigation measures which may limit or inhibit Internet access.

No action will be taken at this point and we'll let you know when mitigation measures are pending, should any be necessary. At that point, if you wish, you may request an Independent Review which provides an opportunity to challenge this or any other Copyright Alert before any mitigation measure is implemented. (Be sure to preserve any records or information that could be used to show that the activity was non-infringing.)

Other Helpful Information

It is possible that the infringement notice is the result of activity through a peer-to-peer (P2P) program that may be on your computer. These programs can pose issues, so it is important for you to understand what they are and the risks of using them.

You can find information on P2P programs and how to remove them, through the Center for Copyright Information at

There are many ways to legally enjoy protected television programs, movies, and music. You can find information on these methods at

What Do I Need to Do?
Please visit to learn more about copyrights, our policies, and the Copyright Alert System.
Visit the Center for Copyright Information website at for additional information on the industry-wide Copyright Alert Program, as well as information on Peer-to-Peer programs, and more.
Check to make sure that the activity of all users of your account is in compliance with copyright laws, the AT&T Internet Terms of Service, and Acceptable Use Policy.

Taking the above action should help you to resolve the issue.

Your AT&T Internet Service Customer Care Team
*Pursuant to Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, AT&T's policy is to terminate services to repeat infringers under appropriate circumstances.

Important Note: This email contains links to various websites. You may copy and paste the URL(s) into your browser rather than clicking directly on the link.
Copyright Notice
For a copy of the original notice, please go to

Notice ID: 22297947032
Content Owner: MPAA Search and Notify
Contact: Administrator
(+1) 818-935-5860

Content Title: SELFIE (2014)
File Name: Selfie.S01E01.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.mp4
IP Address: 99.x.x.x
Port: 54321
File Type: P2P
Timestamp: 2014-11-09T01:16:46Z

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520.11.2014 17:09

Hearme, quit being such a dickhead to everyone. Talking down to new members isn't exactly conducive to the growing of this website.
Sikorus, I apologize for the hostility of this member. Not every member here is like this.

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620.11.2014 18:39

Actually, it is my understanding that Popcorn Time employs a VPN, built into the program. Or has that been removed?

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

721.11.2014 13:01

Why not VPN ? I use VPN quite frequently especially to visit sites censored / blocked by my government or listen to some free streaming music not available in my country or watch some BBC news video clips by choosing UK server. At $ 20/- pre year for unlimited full speed service I have no problems.

821.11.2014 15:17

Hehehe...I had popcorn time on without VPN for one day and got that letter too. I have a VPN just as fast as my connection without it and think I paid $35'ish for a year. So yeah I put all my traffic through it without issue. I actually see no reason not to use it 24/7. Oh and I wouldn't rely on peerguardian for anything. Oh and the built in VPN in popcorntime? Well, It's pretty important that the VPN actually works and kepps the beast off my back. Also no more of those targeted ads for the hot housewife living just down the road wanting to meet me either.

Just my $0.02,


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