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He's back! Terminator: Genisys trailer released

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Dec 2014 15:18 User comments (7)

He's back! Terminator: Genisys trailer released Arnold Schwarzenegger returns for the fifth Terminator movie, coming to movie theaters in July, 2015.
The movie also stars Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as John Connor and Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. The film is initially set in 2029 with John Connor retaining his position as leader of the resistance, forced to send Kyle Reese back to foil a SkyNet plot against him, and to save his mother's life.

As you'd expect, when Reese travels through time, things aren't quite what he expected to find.

Check out the trailer.

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7 user comments

14.12.2014 15:48

From the movie trailer I watched, it looks like it will be good movie to watch (via RedBox).

Is it just me or does Arnold just looks too old, wrinkly, and slow to play action movie roles like this. Maybe he should do softer roles like Twins 2. LOL

24.12.2014 16:11

Arnold just looks too old
. Yeah, I agree. They just have to digitalize him to look 30 years younger without looking too fake.

35.12.2014 6:40

Urm, so we take the story from the original, some from the second film, add some story from salvation, throw in a bit its all change, and bobs your uncle, we have a new story and a chance to make money in the franchise...simple film making

45.12.2014 19:05

He is getting too old for these movies and your right, how good will it be with a mixed story and an over the hill actor?

55.12.2014 20:42

I'll pass.

This is superman

68.12.2014 9:31

Since when do robots age? Or how is it logical for a machine to make a robot look like a dirty old man?

79.12.2014 16:16

Gotta say, this looks a lot better than I expected. The idea of the time stream being being #v(|<ed up by all the time traveling is cool.

More importantly, they finally show John Connor as I've imagined him since I saw the first Terminator as a little kid; Less of a military badass and more of an inspirational figure head.

(Actually, I've always thought they should have eventually revealed that John Connor died shortly after humanity's uprising, but lived on as an inspirational/mythic figure. It adds more to the Jesus allegory and it makes John seem more larger than life... LITERALLY)

Back to the trailer, I can actually get behind the idea of the terminator aging. The whole concept was suggested by James Cameron himself, as I understand. The Terminator flesh is, while artificial, still organic. (This is why they're considered cyborgs and not androids. Though I personally view them as both, but more the latter than the former.) Though I imagine at Arnold's age, they'll be using as much CGI to make him seem like he's spry under the aged flesh as they will for the T1000.

As to the T1000, I'm wondering if that's a new-time-stream-altered version of Robert's Patrick's original version. It's been suggested that Skynet doesn't use them much because they're harder to control than traditional terminators. While the T1000 was just as insane as skynet in its hatered for humanity and John Connor, later models questioned Skynet's goals and motivation. (Such as Catherine Weaver in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, who'd traveled back in time to create a benevolent counterpart to Skynet: "John Henry")

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