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Xbox Video on Windows 8.1 gets MKV support

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Dec 2014 13:10

Xbox Video on Windows 8.1 gets MKV support The video player that Microsoft bundles with Windows 8.1 has finally gotten support for MKV files, meaning users will no longer have to rely on third party applications for every video.
The MKV support was added in the latest version of the app (Xbox Video v2.6.0432.0) and it means that users will not longer have to use third party apps like VLC in some cases to play MKV files. However, when it comes to MKV files, simply supporting the container doesn't provide guarantees of success.

MKV is popular because of the flexibility of the container, it can contain a wide variety of video streams, audio streams, subtitle streams and so on. Therefore, you could run into problems playing MKV files correctly if the content streams in the container format aren't supported by the player - in other words if it doesn't have the appropriate codecs for them.

So perhaps it is better to stick to VLC for now, rather than the bundled Metro Xbox Video app.

Other than the MKV support, the update only provides a few minor bug fixes and nothing really major. It is available at the Windows Store.

via: Betanews

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