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Raspberry Pi gets an official touch display priced at $60

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 08 Sep 2015 9:10

Raspberry Pi gets an official touch display priced at $60 Popular mini computer Raspberry Pi now has its own official 7-inch touchscreen display, allowing home users to create their own tablets.
While the Raspberry Pi has an HDMI port - making it easy to connect to most displays, it was pretty inconvenient if you wanted to take the computer on the go where you may not have access to a monitor.

Priced cheaply at $60, you can build your own tablet for under $100 although it is important to remember that the Pi is built to educate and not necessarily as a high-end device.

The display has an RGB 800480 resolution at 60fps, 24-bit colour, 10 point capacitive touchscreen, 70 degree viewing angle and metal-backed display with mounting holes for the Pi.

Raspberry Pi

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