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It's a boy!

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 20 Mar 2016 6:35 User comments (7)

It's a boy!

Entire AfterDawn team wishes to congratulate Jari (one of our founders, our long-time CTO) and his girlfriend Susanna, who became dad and mom today!
Specs for the v1.0:

Gender M
Weight 3720g
Height 49cm

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7 user comments

220.3.2016 21:01


320.3.2016 23:00

Congrats guys! I've been following Afterdawn for like 7 years!

421.3.2016 05:26


First child? Prepare to see your heart running about outside your body. :)


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Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

DSE VZ300-
Zilog Z80 CPU, 32KB RAM (16K+16K cartridge), video processor 6847, 2KB video RAM, 16 colours (text mode), 5.25" FDD

521.3.2016 06:05


621.3.2016 13:23

Now you will understand all the boring baby stories your friends have told you.

Congratulations, live long & prosper, all of you.


725.3.2016 03:42

Hope you survive the experience. ;-) Lol

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