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Watch out Echo, Google Home is here

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 05 Oct 2016 12:11 User comments (3)

Watch out Echo, Google Home is here Google completed their assault on Amazon yesterday, launching the Echo-rivaling Google Home.
The device was first teased at I/O earlier this year and the voice-activated personal assistant is now available for pre-order.

Shipping November 4th, Home is $129 and comes with a six-month trial to YouTube Red (normally $10 per month). The Home is a wireless speaker with microphones that allow for voice commands such as "Google, what is the weather today," or "Google, please read my calendar for today." Google Home also works with existing Nest, Phillips, Samsung and IFTTT smart home devices.

Because Google really wants their devices to blend in with your home, there are multiple "fabric" and "metal" options in different colors so that the Home can match your home's aesthetics.

Check out the device here: Google Home

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3 user comments

15.10.2016 17:25

Sorry late and a dollar short!

I'm gonna liken this to the Redbox idea. They brought to market and saturated it immediately almost, making other competitors rather...insignificant.

I liken to Redbox because like Redbox, Echo has met the need and no one else cares enough to want another brand/solution to replace the already-met need.

25.10.2016 18:42

For someone who heavily relies on other google services this will could provide important integration. The selling point is google assistant, we will have to see how powerful it really is.

310.10.2016 10:27

no thank you this from the company that can't get google translate to work correctly no thanks i don't want my personal assistant looking up porn with no restrictions in place

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