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Apple releases a new iPhone, (PRODUCT)RED for charity

Written by Matti Robinson @ 21 Mar 2017 11:02 User comments (2)

Apple releases a new iPhone, (PRODUCT)RED for charity

Apple has today announced new products in its Spring Event. The new, or refreshed, iPad might get most of the attention but another new product introduced today might be even closer to Apple's own heart.
Tim Cook and his company introduced today a new iPhone 7 model. The new red model is a continuation of Product Red or (PRODUCT)RED lineup by Apple which raises money to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Apple, like many other companies including Coca-Cola, Nike and Starbucks, have supported Product Red years in their efforts against the massive public health concern in 3rd world countries. Apple's first contribution to the campaign was 10 years ago with the iPod nano Product Red. Today's iPhone 7 Product Red follows suit with the same features as a normal iPhone 7 but with a vibrant matte red finish.

Red iPhone 7 is available in both the traditional form factor as well as the Plus model.

In another small iPhone update, Apple changed iPhone SE's storage capacity. The previous options (16 and 64 GB) were doubled to 32 and 128 GB.

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2 user comments

122.3.2017 11:38

F this!

Can Apple NOT just donate money to a charity based on its OVER PRICED phone as it is now?

Did they really need to invent a "red" one and no doubt they increased the price?

I hate Apple as a company in general. Run-of-the-mill tech, albeit solid hardware, over priced, boring, trendy, and flimsy as Hell.

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223.3.2017 23:43

There are plenty of real charities out there; if I see someone with a project red gimmick I know they are not compassionate but they want to appear to be. So in a way it's a good gets people who would ordinarily not give to give a bit, it gets companies that do everything they can to avoid being decent to give a small part of their profits to a pseudo-charity, and perhaps most importantly, it lets me know that a conversation with the person with the red phone would be as pointless as one with the guy wearing a confederate flag belt buckle.

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