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Reddit now hosts videos too

Written by James Delahunty @ 21 Aug 2017 12:41

Reddit now hosts videos too

Reddit has launched its own video hosting service for its millions of users, cutting out the need for separate third party uploads.
The user-driven, community-based content sharing site added the ability for users to upload GIFs and images last year too. Up until that point, Redditors had to rely on third-party services like Imgur for content uploads and some communities (subreddits) still largely do choose third party options.

Most videos shared through reddit have typically been hosted on popular platforms like YouTube and Streamable, but now Reddit is launching its own video hosting service to cut out the third party, and open up a new potentially lucrative ad-revenue source.

Reddit said that the need for users to upload content to third-party services inhibited their abilities to share quickly and easily, and that the new hosting is intended to streamline the process from video capture straight to upload.

Not all communities (subreddits) will be able to use the service however, as Reddit wants to stick to content that isn't infringing or unsuitable for a family audience. Reddit has a large number of adult-themed subreddits and sports communities that often share highlights and content without permission.

Source: BBC News

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