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FCC clearing way for the new terahertz territory

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 18 Mar 2019 11:37

FCC clearing way for the new terahertz territory The United States regulatory body for telecommunication, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has decided to create a experimental license for a new terahertz spectrum.
Like the gigahertz spectrum in use today, and far into the future, it will provide means for wireless communications but at far greater speeds and provide new possibilities. The new spectrum ranges from 95 GHz to the new tera terrority at 3THz.

Some of the spectrum, 21.2 Ghz to be exact, was set aside for scientific and governmental purposes.

The FCC terahertz test license is going to be valid for testing during the upcoming 10 years in which FCC believes new technologies using denser wavelengths will emerge. However, the license also allows the sale of terahertz equipment during this 10 year test period.

While increasing the frequency of the wireless connection increases the potential speed, it also makes the range much shorter and connection more susceptible to obstacles. Perhaps terahertz will bring along a new wireless data transfer technology for equipment that is nearly touching, maybe between components of the same device.

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