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Report: Microsoft's TikTok deal might be bigger than just the US business

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 07 Aug 2020 11:48

Report: Microsoft's TikTok deal might be bigger than just the US business

Social media is once again in turmoil as a new Chinese-owned contender TikTok has gained foothold in the US. President Trump and the administration aren't happy about the national security aspect of TikTok, and in fact are going to enact a ban unless control changes.
The administration has given TikTok just over a month to figure out how to restructure the ownership of TikTok's US business or else they will institute a ban on the app.

Microsoft has been in talks with TikTok owner ByteDance for possibly buying the US business, but that might not be the only thing on the table.

According to Financial Times, the deal might be far bigger and Microsoft might be looking to acquire the entirety of TikTok's international operations, excluding China.

If Microsoft could acquire a successful social media it would elevate its business beyond what Apple or Google has managed.

However, sources have told Business Insider that Microsoft is not going to extend the deal. Microsoft has already admitted that it has started negotiations about the operations in US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

It's an unusual situation with Microsoft and ByteDance negotiating while Trump is cheerleading. However, we should have the facts before September 15 deadline for the ban.

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