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Lars Ulrich: Metallica vs. Napster maybe not the smartest PR move of all time
Lars Ulrich: Metallica vs. Napster "maybe not the smartest PR move of all time"
We at AfterDawn followed the early days of digital music very closely, and that meant obviously reporting on the historical Metallica vs. Napster ...... {ts '2017-11-10 14:41:00'}
Metallica music now on Spotify
Metallica music now on Spotify
Spotify has proudly announced that Metallica music is now available via the streaming service. Metallica became infamous in the digital music ...... {ts '2012-12-08 20:22:52'}
Metallica to sell individual tracks via site
Metallica to sell individual tracks via site
Since 2004, the rock band Metallica has been selling HQ downloads of all the band's concerts, in MP3 or FLAC, but only as a full album. Today, ...... {ts '2009-10-05 17:25:46'}
Lars Ulrich 'pirated' his own CD
Lars Ulrich 'pirated' his own CD
Lars Ulrich, member of the popular rock band Metallica, has admitted that he has 'pirated' his band's own CD, "Death Magnetic," and found the ...... {ts '2009-03-06 02:27:01'}
Noel Gallagher encourages piracy, but only of rival bands
Noel Gallagher encourages piracy, but only of rival bands
In a recent interview with UK's Radio 1, Noel Gallagher of the band Oasis was asked about his thoughts on file sharing and piracy and he had ...... {ts '2008-08-23 23:53:05'}
Napster says its improving revenue
Napster says its improving revenue
Once touted as the most popular music sharing community, only to be thwarted by the likes of Metallica and the RIAA, Napster has faced many ...... {ts '2007-01-05 12:10:00'}
Lars Ulrich steps in to save Beatallica
Lars Ulrich steps in to save Beatallica
Ok, so you all know Lars Ulrich right? Some of you may know him simply as Metallica's drummer, and some of you might know him as the man who ...... {ts '2005-03-16 15:54:00'}
Napster settles with Metallica and Dr. Dre
One of the most legendary lawsuits in digital music world has closed now when Napster settled its lawsuits with Metallica and Dr. Dre. Both ...... {ts '2001-07-12 18:32:00'}
RIAA, Metallica & Dr.Dre claim that Napster's screening is ineffective
RIAA filed its briefs in Tuesday at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco claiming that Napster's screening process is ineffective. Metallica ...... {ts '2001-03-29 17:50:40'}
Sony still doesn't get it
Sony Music put a legal pressure to Napster to get the Manic Street Preacher's new album away from the Napster "distribution". Sony also requested ...... {ts '2001-02-09 06:40:40'}
Metallica sues.. a perfume company
If you thought Metallica suing Napster was silly, you'll probably get a laugh from this one as well. Metallica, the metal band now more famous ...... {ts '2000-12-15 19:30:24'}
EMusic wants Napster to block users
EMusic has demanded Napster to block 600 users who have supposedly been trading EMusic songs through Napster's file-swapping service. Requests ...... {ts '2000-11-30 19:07:21'}
The very basic question behind the Napster
Now when Napster is a hot topic, once again, it's maybe a time to remind you guys about the very basic question behind this case and p2p technology overall. ...... {ts '2000-10-05 15:49:33'}
Top universities won't ban Napster
The lawyer for Metallica and Dr.Dre, Howard King, has asked several top universities to ban Napster usage from their networks. But at least ...... {ts '2000-09-21 22:03:00'} adds a possibility to remove tracks from their index, an MP3 search engine, was sued by RIAA and closed temporarily by court order earlier this year. But now they introduce a solution ...... {ts '2000-07-25 13:21:20'}
Napster & co in front of the Congress
Huge crowd of major names of MP3 and music business were testifying in front of Congress' committee that was set to investigate how present ...... {ts '2000-07-12 11:24:54'}
Love not against file sharing
Courtney Love, the lead singer and head of the band Hole sympathizes with Lars Ulrich (drummer from Metallica). In her Essay on ...... {ts '2000-06-18 18:01:00'}
The most dangerous man in the music biz
The on-line version of the Rolling Stone magazine published an interesting look at Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster. ``In high school, ...... {ts '2000-06-16 08:58:00'}
Napster users got their accounts back
Remember few weeks ago when this whole Napster-Metallica-Dr.Dre -mess started? Ok, now the first round is almost done -- even that I know there ...... {ts '2000-06-05 23:07:18'}
Mötley Crüe made their new single available as MP3
Despite all action around and Napster these days -- mostly legal action.. -- some bands still point out their support for distributing ...... {ts '2000-06-01 23:23:00'}
Metallica sent an another bunch of names
Metallica sent another list of names for Napster to block. This time list was sent in privacy through Internet, including over 300,000 names ...... {ts '2000-05-21 22:45:23'}
Napster's traffic increased over 60%
Napster's websites traffic increased over 65% in the week after Metallica's press conference where they announced their lawsuit against Napster. ...... {ts '2000-05-21 22:38:25'}
Democratic group will take Napster's case to congress
Democratic group Progressive Policy Institute will ask congress to make some radical changes to Digital Millennium Copyright Act based on Napster's ...... {ts '2000-05-19 23:59:00'}
Dr.Dre delivers his list
Dr. Dre today delivered a list of 240,000 usernames from Napster databases to the company. Dr.Dre wants Napster to remove these people because ...... {ts '2000-05-17 23:59:00'}
Metallica wont sue its fans
Metallica has received 17,000 names from Napster so far -- those names are users who have complained that their accounts have been deleted without ...... {ts '2000-05-16 22:38:31'}
Napster BAD!
The guys at Camp Chaos have created a funny little Flash movie called Napster BAD! which, of course, tells a little story about Metallica, the ...... {ts '2000-05-14 19:14:12'}
Napster banned 317,377 users
Napster removed all the users from their databases based on the list that Metallica provided to the company later in this month. So, if you ...... {ts '2000-05-10 23:25:26'}
Napster will ban the users who spread Metallica tracks
Napsters lawyer told today to press that the company will look through the list of users that Metallica provided for the company yesterday. ...... {ts '2000-05-03 22:37:00'}
Metallica tracked over 300k Napster users
Metallica hired an online consulting firm, NetPD, to track down users who spread their music through Napster. They found over 300,000 users ...... {ts '2000-05-02 23:56:43'}
Offspring supports Napster
After many of the news sources falsely reported (including us...) in last week, Offspring is NOT going to sue Napster for copyright violations ...... {ts '2000-04-27 23:41:34'}
USC doesn't ban Napster
University of Southern California announced today that they wont ban MP3 sharing tool Napster even that Metallica has sued them for letting ...... {ts '2000-04-22 23:58:00'}
Chase against Napster increases
After Dr.Dre requested Napster to remove all his tracks from Napster's databases or he would file law suits against the company as Metallica ...... {ts '2000-04-21 01:04:57'}
Indiana blocks Napster
Another university has given in under legal pressure from Metallica. Indiana university has blocked usage of Napster in its networks..... {ts '2000-04-21 00:48:59'}
Yale bans Napster after legal pressure
Univesity of Yale has banned usage of Napster in its networks after legal pressure from metal band Metallica. After this decision Metallica ...... {ts '2000-04-19 21:35:25'}
Metallica sues Napster
World's most popular heavy metal band, Metallica, sued Napster and three American universities today, claiming them for massive copyright violations ...... {ts '2000-04-13 22:18:35'}

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