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Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.11.6

Xeoma has all state-of-the-art features for high-quality efficient video surveillance:

EASY surveillance: easier than a children's construction set. Auto search and detection of any connected web cameras and IP cameras. No-stress work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. See for yourself: Build your comfortable to use video surveillance system in a just a few minutes!

Understandable and truly user friendly interface makes surveillance enjoyable and pleasant.

Economy at its best: Try the free version of Xeoma with unlimited functionality! Use it as long as you want. Once you feel like extending your system, you can purchase a license at most economical price!


  • Object monitoring in non-working hours (office, store, warehouse)
  • Security surveillance (perimeter security monitoring, car, etc.)
  • Staff monitoring (industry workers, office employees, caregivers and home staff)
  • Monitoring of activity of children and office workers on computer, control over visited sites
  • Pet surveillance
  • Watching plants grow

  • Compatible with any webcams, cctv cams, including wireless cctv cameras
  • Supports IP-cameras (including PTZ and ONVIF, wireless cams, i.e. perfect both for wired and wireless cctv)
  • Works with world webcams
  • Screen captures from all monitors simultaneously


  • Xeoma Cloud Service
  • Marking (embedded time and date, or custom text stamp)
  • Scheduler, setting up when system's components are to start/end work
  • Creating a surveillance network of Xeoma servers by using web server and shared access rights
  • Online view of all cameras with sound
  • Hidden mode of work
  • Duplicating of chains
  • Various view modes
  • Automatic slide show of real-time images
  • Password protection of settings
  • H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG video formats
  • Internet broadcasting
  • Remote view via mobile devices
  • Full remote access to settings, archive and cameras


  • Setting up of zone(s) of any size and shape to monitor for motion
  • Visual motion detection: frame of preview box changes its color at motion detection and indicates time of the last detected movement
  • Setting up maximum object size to be ignored and sensitivity level of sensor
  • Pre-record option to store several seconds preceding motion detection
  • Post-record to continue recording after the event has finished
  • Record delay
  • Enhanced algorithm to avoid false alarms caused by pets or weather changes


  • Adjustable maximum size of archive and compression rate of images stored to archive
  • Loop recording
  • Possibility to store archive onto different HDDs
  • Built-in media player with adjustable speed of playback
  • Export of a selected extract right from the viewer


  • Text message (SMS) sending
  • E-mail notifications (with attached JPEG images and MJPEG videos)
  • Event-triggered pop-up window
  • Sound alarm
  • Running a specified program that will receive the path to the current image
  • FTP server upload
  • Saving files to the specified path with cyclic recording

    You can activate trial period again. Specify settings once more and continue using Xeoma. The settings will be reset in 48 hours again. You can activate trial version as many times as you need to feel all the powerful possibilities of Xeoma.
  • Screenshots:

    Xeoma Free (Mac) v16.12.26 Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.5.17 Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.5.17 Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.5.17 Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.5.17 Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.5.17

    xeoma video surveillance monitoring webcam ip-camera

    License type Freeware1
    Author's homepage Visit the author's site
    Date added 08 Nov 2017
    Downloads 4,319
    File size 15.25 MB (2min @ 1Mbps)
    Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
    Operating systems OSX1

    1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

    08 Nov 2017Xeoma Free (Mac) v17.11.7(Latest stable version)
    10 Sep 2017Xeoma Free (Mac) v17.8.31
    19 May 2017Xeoma Free (Mac) v17.5.5
    21 Jan 2017Xeoma Free (Mac) v16.12.26
    05 Nov 2016Xeoma Free (Mac) v16.10.31 Beta
    28 Jul 2016Xeoma Free (Mac) v16.7.18
    13 Jun 2016Xeoma Free (Mac) v16.6.6
    30 Mar 2016Xeoma Free (Mac) v16.3.1
    20 Feb 2016Xeoma Free (Mac) v16.2.19 beta
    01 Jan 2016Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.12.8
    11 Nov 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.11.6
    10 Nov 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.10.26
    28 Oct 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.10.22
    22 Oct 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.10.21
    08 Oct 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.10.7 Beta
    11 Sep 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.9.1
    06 Sep 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.9.1 Beta
    03 Sep 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.8.27
    31 Aug 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.8.27 Beta
    25 Aug 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.8.21 beta
    17 Aug 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.8.14
    13 Aug 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.8.7
    02 Aug 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.7.22
    06 Jul 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.6.26
    20 Jun 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.6.10
    29 May 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.5.26 beta
    08 May 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.5.7 beta
    18 Apr 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.4.16 beta
    14 Apr 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.4.9 beta
    01 Apr 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.3.30 beta
    27 Feb 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.2.25
    28 Jan 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.1.16
    22 Jan 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v15.1.16 beta
    01 Jan 2015Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.12.29 beta
    26 Dec 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.12.25 beta
    23 Nov 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.11.19
    20 Nov 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.11.13 beta
    29 Oct 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.10.24 beta
    05 Oct 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.10.3 beta
    23 Sep 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.9.22 beta
    28 Jul 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.7.18
    26 Jul 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.7.18 beta
    24 Jun 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.6.23
    07 Jun 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.6.4 Beta
    24 May 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.5.19
    14 May 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.5.13 Beta
    02 Apr 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.3.14
    15 Mar 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.3.14 Beta
    18 Feb 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.2.18 Beta
    12 Feb 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.2.11
    07 Feb 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.2.4
    04 Feb 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.2.4 Beta
    20 Jan 2014Xeoma Free (Mac) v14.1.20 Beta
    27 Dec 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.12.27
    26 Dec 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.12.26 Beta
    24 Dec 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.12.24 Beta
    26 Nov 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.11.22
    23 Nov 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.11.22 Beta
    11 Nov 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.11.8 Beta
    02 Nov 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.11.1 Beta
    01 Oct 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.9.30
    27 Sep 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.9.27
    08 Sep 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.9.3
    13 Aug 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.8.12
    26 Jul 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.7.26
    04 Jul 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.7.4
    01 Jun 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.5.31
    19 May 2013Xeoma Free (Mac) v13.5.17
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