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JAlbum (64-bit) v21

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
JAlbum is a gallery software that makes web albums from your digital images.

  • Easy to use. Just drag and drop images and image folders onto JAlbum and press "make album"
  • Flexible. Album appearance can be highly customized through use of skins (album themes). Use or modify one of the many existing skins or create your own album look by making your own skin!
  • Arrange and select images easily by using drag and drop in an Explorer-like user interface. Edit comments, rotate images and run slide shows off your local hard disk.
  • Share your albums over the Internet straight from your local hard disk by using JAlbum's integrated web server. It is as easy as clicking a button. Your viewers only need their web browser to view albums.
  • Publish the created album on the Internet in a snap with an integrated smart FTP and SFTP client with synchronization ability. With JAlbum you decide where to put your album.
  • Use any web browser to view the generated albums. No special viewing software (or plugins like Java or Flash) needed. Albums can be served from any web server, a local harddisk, CR-ROM etc.
  • Can create albums with text and comments in any language. JAlbum itself speaks 31 languages.
  • JAlbum supports deep hierachies of image folders. Each folder is represented by a folder icon or thumbnail image in the resulting web. You can easily organize thousands of images.
  • Any file type, not just images, can also be added to albums (with icons linking to the resource)
  • Easy to use wizard that helps you create an online web account for publishing your images (You can also use your existing account).
  • EXIF and IPTC support. Camera make, shutter speed, aperture and other metadata can be extracted from images and used in albums.
  • Image filters can be plugged in to enhance images during album generation, adding watermarking, logos etc. An open API and source code example are provided so developers easily can add new filters.
  • It runs in console mode too (shell window). This allows for easy automation repeating album generation tasks through batch files etc.
  • Really advanced album functions can be scripted in a Java-like language called BeanShell. This allows for limitless extensions to JAlbum.
  • Runs everywhere. It's Java so it runs on Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX, OS/2, eComStation... Any platform that supports Java 1.4. (The albums do not require Java though)
  • It's a JavaBean! The inner engine of JAlbum is a JavaBean meaning that you can easily integrate it into existing Java applications. An example could be inside a webserver for automated album generation.
  • It's free and that's no bull. No expiration dates. No nag screens. No adware. No spyware. No bad conscience :-) However, a donation to support this full time project is highly appreciated.

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JAlbum (64-bit) v21Filesize: 27.73 kB


JAlbum (64-bit) v11.5 JAlbum (64-bit) v11.4.1 JAlbum (64-bit) v9.2

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License type Adware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 19 Jul 2020
Downloads 4,631
File size 27.73 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English   Dutch  
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

JAlbum (64-bit) v21(Latest stable version) 19 Jul 2020
JAlbum (64-bit) v19.2 18 Dec 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v19.1 09 Nov 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v19 01 Oct 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v18.4 27 Aug 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v18.3 17 Jul 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v18.2 06 May 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v18.1 03 Apr 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v18 05 Feb 2019
JAlbum (64-bit) v17 12 Nov 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v16.2 24 Aug 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v16.1 30 Jun 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v16 24 Jun 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v15.4 10 May 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v15.3.4 05 Apr 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v15.3.2 17 Mar 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v15.3 08 Mar 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v15.2 18 Feb 2018
JAlbum (64-bit) v15.1 21 Dec 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v15 26 Nov 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v14.1 07 Aug 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v14.0.5 08 Jul 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v14 29 Jun 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.10 16 Feb 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.9 21 Jan 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.8 07 Jan 2017
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.7 27 Nov 2016
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.6 03 Nov 2016
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.5 03 Oct 2016
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.4 04 Sep 2016
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.3 09 Jul 2016
JAlbum (64-bit) v13.1 30 Mar 2016
JAlbum (64-bit) v13 28 Oct 2015
JAlbum (64-bit) v12.7 31 May 2015
JAlbum (64-bit) v12.3 04 Dec 2014
JAlbum (64-bit) v11.6 05 Nov 2013
JAlbum (64-bit) v11.5 10 Sep 2013
JAlbum (64-bit) v11.4.1 08 Aug 2013
JAlbum (64-bit) v9.3 20 Apr 2011
JAlbum (64-bit) v9.2 22 Mar 2011
JAlbum (64-bit) v9.1.3 25 Feb 2011
JAlbum (64-bit) v9.1.2 24 Feb 2011
JAlbum (64-bit) v9.1 15 Feb 2011
JAlbum (64-bit) v9 29 Jan 2011
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.13 24 Nov 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.12.2 05 Nov 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.12 15 Oct 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.11 10 Oct 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.10 08 Oct 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.9.3 17 Aug 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.9.2 10 Jul 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.9.1 16 Jun 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.9 12 Jun 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.8 02 May 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.7.2 16 Mar 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.7.1 14 Mar 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.7 11 Mar 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.6 30 Jan 2010
JAlbum (64-bit) v8.5.3 01 Dec 2009
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