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Foxit Reader v6.1.2.12241

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Foxit PDF Reader is a free reader for PDF (eBook) documents. You can view and print PDF documents with it. Foxit PDF Reader is small (download size is only around 1MB) and it doesn't require any installation, just start the program and your ready to go.

For people who doesn't want to use Adobe Reader, you might want to try this out.


Foxit Reader v7.0.3.916 Foxit Reader v7.0.3.916 Foxit Reader v7.0.3.916 Foxit Reader v7.0.3.916

foxit pdf reader foxit pdf reader print view

License type Ad-supported1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 12 Aug 2020
Downloads 32,763
File size 31.90 MB (< 5min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

12 Aug 2020Foxit Reader v10.0.1.35811(Latest stable version)
24 May 2020Foxit Reader v10.0.0.35798
26 Apr 2020Foxit Reader v9.7.2.29539
30 Sep 2019Foxit Reader v9.7.0.29455
24 Jul 2019Foxit Reader v9.6.0.25114
23 Apr 2019Foxit Reader v9.5.0.20723
03 Feb 2019Foxit Reader v9.4.1
09 Jan 2019Foxit Reader v9.4.0
12 Nov 2018Foxit Reader v9.3.0
02 Aug 2018Foxit Reader v9.2
24 Jun 2018Foxit Reader v9.1
23 Dec 2017Foxit Reader v9.0.1
03 Nov 2017Foxit Reader v9.0
26 Aug 2017Foxit Reader v8.3.2
05 Jul 2017Foxit Reader v8.3.1
19 Apr 2017Foxit Reader v8.3.0
10 Mar 2017Foxit Reader v8.2.1
21 Jan 2017Foxit Reader v8.2
13 Dec 2016Foxit Reader v8.1.4
26 Nov 2016Foxit Reader v8.1.1
26 Oct 2016Foxit Reader v8.1
10 Aug 2016Foxit Reader v8.0.2
06 Aug 2016Foxit Reader v8.0.1.628
06 Jul 2016Foxit Reader v8.0
30 Mar 2016Foxit Reader v7.3.4.0311
24 Jan 2016Foxit Reader v7.3.0.0118
11 Dec 2015Foxit Reader v7.2.8.1124
08 Oct 2015Foxit Reader v7.2.2.929
29 Jul 2015Foxit Reader v7.2.0.722
28 Apr 2015Foxit Reader v7.1.5.0425
25 Mar 2015Foxit Reader v7.1.3.0320
09 Mar 2015Foxit Reader v7.1.0.0306
13 Jan 2015Foxit Reader v7.0.8.1216
04 Dec 2014Foxit Reader v706.1126
24 Sep 2014Foxit Reader v7.0.3.916
20 Aug 2014Foxit Reader v6.2.3.815
04 Aug 2014Foxit Reader v6.2.2.0802
04 Jul 2014Foxit Reader v6.2.1.0618
04 May 2014Foxit Reader v6.2.0.0429
25 Feb 2014Foxit Reader v6.1.4.0217
01 Feb 2014Foxit Reader v6.1.2.12241
26 Dec 2013Foxit Reader v6.1.2.1224
02 Nov 2013Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1031
29 Oct 2013Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1025
29 Jul 2013Foxit Reader v6.0.6.0722
01 Jul 2013Foxit Reader v6.0.5.0618
24 May 2013Foxit Reader v6.0.3.0524
17 Apr 2013Foxit Reader v6.0.2.0413
15 Apr 2013Foxit Reader v6.0.2.04131
09 Apr 2013Foxit Reader v6.0.2.0407
06 Feb 2013Foxit Reader v5.4.5.01242
21 Jan 2013Foxit Reader v5.4.5.1141
17 Jan 2013Foxit Reader v5.4.5.0114
04 Dec 2012Foxit Reader v5.4.4.11281
04 Dec 2012Foxit Reader v5.4.4.1128
09 Nov 2012Foxit Reader v5.4.4.1023
27 Sep 2012Foxit Reader v5.4.3.0920
06 Sep 2012Foxit Reader v5.4.2.0901
12 Jun 2012Foxit Reader v5.3.1.0606
03 May 2012Foxit Reader v5.3.0.0423
08 Jan 2012Foxit Reader v5.1.4
08 Dec 2011Foxit Reader v5.1.3 Build 1201
02 Nov 2011Foxit Reader v5.1.0.1021
22 Jul 2011Foxit Reader v5.0.2.0718
27 May 2011Foxit Reader v5.0.1.0523
27 Mar 2011Foxit Reader v4.3.1.0323
25 Feb 2011Foxit Reader v4.3.1.0218
20 Jan 2011Foxit Reader v4.3.1.0118
16 Nov 2010Foxit Reader v4.3.0.1110
30 Sep 2010Foxit Reader v4.2.0.0928
03 Aug 2010Foxit Reader v4.1.0.0726
30 Jun 2010Foxit Reader v4.0.0.0619
20 May 2010Foxit Reader v3.3.1
05 May 2010Foxit Reader v3.3.0.0430
02 Apr 2010Foxit Reader v3.2.1.0401
12 Mar 2010Foxit Reader v3.2.0.0303
01 Dec 2009Foxit Reader v3.1.4.1125
06 Nov 2009Foxit Reader v3.1.3.1030
15 Oct 2009Foxit Reader v3.1.2.1013
04 Oct 2009Foxit Reader v3.1.1.0928
06 Sep 2009Foxit Reader v3.1.1.0901
25 Aug 2009Foxit Reader v3.1.0.0824
20 Jun 2009Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1817
10 Mar 2009Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1506
02 Jan 2009Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1301
26 Dec 2008Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1222
22 Nov 2008Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1120
18 Apr 2009Foxit Reader v2.3 Build 4015
18 Sep 2008Foxit Reader v2.3 Build 3309
05 Aug 2008Foxit Reader v2.3 Build 3201
23 May 2008Foxit Reader v2.3 Build 2923
26 Apr 2008Foxit Reader v2.3 Build 2825
24 Apr 2008Foxit Reader v2.3 Build 2822
29 Sep 2007Foxit Reader v2.2 Build 2129
24 Aug 2007Foxit Reader v2.1 Build 2023
06 Apr 2007Foxit Reader v2.0 Build 1606
16 Mar 2007Foxit Reader v2.0 Build 1516
14 Feb 2007Foxit Reader v2.0 Build 1414
09 Feb 2007Foxit Reader v2.0 Build 1409
18 Jan 2007Foxit Reader v2.0 Build 1316
14 Jan 2007Foxit Reader v2.0 Build 1312
30 Sep 2006Foxit Reader v2.0 Build 0930
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Foxit PDF Reader v3.1.2.1013

Wish I had discovered this years ago... All those agonizing Adobe downloads... Every time you boot it now you have to do an update and they're never small...

Foxit PDF Reader v3.0 Build 1506

Erittäin nopea

Foxit PDF Reader v2.0 Build 1414

One of the best replacements for over-bloated software. Found this a year or so ago, and loved it since. Fast, small, reliable, and is even portable if you know what to look for.

Never wait for the eternity of the Adobe splash screen again!

Foxit PDF Reader v2.0 Build 0922

I went through the agony of trying to print a 11MB PDF file on ancient P3/750 machine with 256MB of memory. The Adobe PDF Reader crashed and stopped printing after 2 pages (of appx 50) whatever I tried -- after a decent 70min wait..

Swapped to this and printing started immediately and didn't have any trouble. Extremely light-weight replacement for Adobe's own product and should be the only one ever to cinsider being installed on an old computer.

24 Sep 2006 All reviews by user dRD
Foxit PDF Reader v1.3 Build 1231

Just saved my day! A good looking and fast replacement for the bulky Adobe Reader.