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Text editors

Text editors can be split into two main categories by their features and this category has plenty of tools for each:

Very basic, Notepad replacement tools that simply aim to improve/fix the most obvious flaws found in Windows' own, integrated text editor, known as Notepad. These tools don't offer bells and whistles, but focus on being light, efficient and easy-to-use.

Full-blown programmer-grade text editors that are aimed for developers and people who need highly customizable and versatile text editing environment, spiced with macros, tons of configuration options, code high-lighting and more.

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Jarte (Portable) v6.1

Jarte is a free portable word processor application you can use as an alternative to today's corporate-aimed word processors.

Date updated:05/25/2017 Downloads:150 Filesize:4.51 MB
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Mext v1.14

Mext is a text editor that is designed for writing programs, drawing up technical documentation and making webpages.

Date updated:04/07/2013 Downloads:150 Filesize:1.64 MB
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TextMorph v2.8

TextMorph is a powerful ASCII text formatter (and HTML) available for Windows for free.

Date updated:06/02/2015 Downloads:145 Filesize:1.47 MB
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Paper v1.0 beta

Paper is a sketchable text editor, allowing you to take notes but also draw your own sketches.

Date updated:10/10/2013 Downloads:145 Filesize:522.96 kB
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medit v1.2.0

medit is an advanced text editor that is suitable for programmers.

Date updated:04/07/2014 Downloads:144 Filesize:11.61 MB
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EverEdit Free v2.9.0

EverEdit is a fast, lightweight, extendable text, source and binary editor for Windows.

Date updated:11/04/2013 Downloads:144 Filesize:2.39 MB
(No votes) Dicom Portable v1.1.1

Dicom Portable is a word completion program designed to make it easier to type words with fewer keystrokes in every app.

Date updated:09/30/2013 Downloads:142 Filesize:1,014.02 kB
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Gwennel v0.15

Gwennel is a very useful WYSIWYG and WYSIWYM editor for Windows. It supports the Open Document Format (ODF) natively.

Date updated:01/13/2014 Downloads:140 Filesize:221.66 kB
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Binary Viewer v3.0.12.917

Binary Viewer is a free Windows tool for viewing any file on your computer, and can display contents of files in binary.

Date updated:01/13/2014 Downloads:140 Filesize:1.33 MB
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Zilla Word To Text Converter v1.1.0

Zilla Word To Text Converter is a tool that can batch convert Microsoft Word documents (.doc) to plain text documents.

Date updated:11/03/2013 Downloads:140 Filesize:512 kB
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