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Verify files

With File verification tools you can easily check whether a file is corrupted or not.

This type of tools come handy when downloading files from the Internet -- files get corrupted during the transfer quite often. Another good reason to use file verification tools is to ensure the authentity of a downloaded software item -- most software developers list MD5 checksum strings on their official websites and you can then compare the downloaded version's checksum against that string. If the string doesn't match, the downloaded file is either corrupted or somebody has managed to alter the installation file (in worst case scenario, to include viruses or other malicious elements).

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abylon FREEHASH v1.5

abylon FREEHASH is a freeware tool that determines the MD5 checksum of any file.

Date updated:06/29/2015 Downloads:82 Filesize:9.69 MB
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Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier v8.5.8.2

Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier is a simple tool that can verify the authenticity of Windows and Office ISO files.

Date updated:12/23/2017 Downloads:78 Filesize:1.32 MB
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AS-CRC32 v1.20

AS-CRC32 can compare CRC32 values with files to verify integrity.

Date updated:10/19/2015 Downloads:65 Filesize:282.20 kB
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AS-SHA1 v1.20

AS-SHA1 can calculate the SHA1 value of any file so it can be used to verify its integrity later.

Date updated:10/19/2015 Downloads:62 Filesize:283.23 kB
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AS-SHA Hash Suite v1.0

AS-SHA Hash Suite can calculate the SHA value of files or text for validation, supporting SHA-1 and SHA-2.

Date updated:10/19/2015 Downloads:61 Filesize:298.08 kB
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AS-MD5 v1.20

AS-MD5 is a tool that can calculate the MD5 value of files or text.

Date updated:10/19/2015 Downloads:61 Filesize:284.11 kB
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Squishy v1.0.0.0

Squishy can modify file attributes easily, and alsdo provides file verification, hashing, encryption and more.

Date updated:12/11/2015 Downloads:58 Filesize:2.66 MB
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HashOnClick v2.6.0.0

HashOnClick can easily compare hash values of files.

Date updated:12/08/2015 Downloads:58 Filesize:3.91 MB
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DeadHash v1.3.0.0

DeadHash is a tool that can calculate file hashes, and also compare file hashes to verify the integrity of files.

Date updated:12/07/2015 Downloads:57 Filesize:2.52 MB
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Cite v1,1

Cite can compare a downloaded file with a hash generated and provided by the developer.

Date updated:03/20/2016 Downloads:45 Filesize:1.06 MB
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