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Miscellaneous security tools

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XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro v2.0.0.0

XenArmor All-In-One Password Recovery Pro can recover passwords from over 90 popular Windows applications.

Date updated:04/09/2019 Downloads:107 Filesize:5.58 MB
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NoVirusThanks WriteProcessMemory Monitor v1.5.0.0

NoVirusThanks WriteProcessMemory Monitor can monitor processes in the system that write to other process' virtual address spaces.

Date updated:02/09/2016 Downloads:107 Filesize:1.38 MB
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SterJo Mail Passwords v1.0

SterJo Mail Passwords can recover passwords for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, GMX, Zoho and other mail services from web browsers.

Date updated:07/29/2015 Downloads:107 Filesize:859.73 kB
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Winja v7.1

Winja (short for Windows Ninja) that can submit files to the VirusTotal service to check them for malware.

Date updated:01/03/2020 Downloads:106 Filesize:27.32 kB

Spybot Anti-Beacon (PortableApps) v1.4.0.26

Spybot Anti-Beacon can block tracking (telemetry) in Windows 10, and has been updated to remove similar functionality in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This version is portable.

Date updated:10/19/2015 Downloads:106 Filesize:1.60 MB
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Rootkit Buster

Rootkit Buster can scan for, and detect rootkits on your Windows PC. It can also remove them.

Date updated:10/18/2015 Downloads:106 Filesize:9.61 MB
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W32/Banload Free Virus Removal Tool v1.0

W32/Banload Free Virus Removal Tool can clean the W32/Banload trojan from Windows.

Date updated:05/26/2015 Downloads:106 Filesize:544 kB
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Protect My Folders v1.80

Protect My Folders can password protect any folders or files on your local computer, protecting them from viewing or modification by other users.

Date updated:04/21/2015 Downloads:106 Filesize:665.10 kB
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Program Access Controller v1.2.0.0

Program Access Controller can block and restrict access to applications behind a password.

Date updated:02/07/2015 Downloads:106 Filesize:2.47 MB
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SterJo Twitter Password Finder v1.0

SterJo Twitter Password Finder can recover passwords for lost Twitter accounts from various applications.

Date updated:07/15/2015 Downloads:105 Filesize:928.14 kB
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