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Miscellaneous security tools

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MaRaPass v1.0

MaRaPass is a free password generating utility for Windows that can create very strong passwords.

Date updated:12/08/2015 Downloads:86 Filesize:710.74 kB
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Vista UAC Maker v5.0

Vista UAC Maker is a tool that can make your applications UAC complaint for use with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Date updated:03/02/2017 Downloads:84 Filesize:4.81 MB
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Symantec Trojan.Kotver Removal Tool (64-bit) v2.4.0.1

Symantec Trojan.Kotver Removal Tool can detect and remove a Trojan.Kotver infection from a Windows system. For 64-bit Windows ONLY!

Date updated:03/20/2016 Downloads:84 Filesize:2.62 MB
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ESET Win32/Bedep Cleaner v1.0.0.0

ESET Win32/Bedep Cleaner can detect and remove the Bedep malware from an infected machine.

Date updated:12/08/2015 Downloads:84 Filesize:160.20 kB
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ESET ACAD/Medre.A Cleaner v1.1.0.4

ESET ACAD/Medre.A Cleaner can detect and remove the ACAD/Medre.A malware from an infected machine.

Date updated:12/09/2015 Downloads:83 Filesize:163.52 kB
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HashPass v3.0

HashPass generates a super-complicated Hash based on a password you can remember, so you can use it as your password for web services.

Date updated:10/21/2015 Downloads:83 Filesize:531.69 kB
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Avast Decryption Tool for Bart v1.0.29.0

Avast Decryption Tool for Bart can decrypt files that have been encrypted by the Bart ransomware variants.

Date updated:04/17/2017 Downloads:82 Filesize:1.65 MB
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GiveMePower v2.1.0.0

GiveMePower can launch applications with SYSTEM level privilege, a higher permission level than Administrator.

Date updated:05/31/2016 Downloads:82 Filesize:260.70 kB
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DeleteOnClick v2.4.0.0

DeleteOnClick can completely destroy files to prevent them from being recovered from a storage device later.

Date updated:12/08/2015 Downloads:82 Filesize:3.79 MB
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CodeDead PassGen v1.0

CodeDead PassGen is a free utility that can generate random passwords.

Date updated:12/07/2015 Downloads:82 Filesize:35.99 kB
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