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Version history for AllMyNotes Organizer

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Changes for v3.09 build 771 - v3.09 Beta

  • Improvements:
  • • Many enhancements and fixes in synchronization algorithm. Particularly, fixed major issue with handling moves of hierarchy tree items that could lead to incorrect item positioning on all further synchronizations.
  • • Updated Romanian translation, thanks to Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu for his effort!
  • • Updated Russian and Ukrainian translations to include all newly added strings.
  • • New feature: added password Hint field for password-protected files and folders, to ease password entering. Despite big demand on this feature we have to warn you that password hint must be hard to guess for other people who potentially can access your computer. Therefore, make sure to make it as obfuscated as possible.
  • • New feature: Auto-close of all expanded password-protected folders on minimizing/closing the app to the system tray. Previously it was happening only on exiting from the app, but, we can see, many users are leaving their computers turned on for many days, do not turn them off, and prefer to minimize the app rather than to exit from it.
  • • Improved interface for opening password-protected folders, also for changing/disabling passwords directly from the main view.
  • • Added new keyboard shortcut to the Global Search window to Go To selected item in the search result list - F3 and Ctrl+F. Which allows mouse-free operation.
  • • Improved interface tooltips appearance (in all skins), also enhanced some icons in the Holy Crown skin.
  • • Improved text sorting performance. Though it was fast already, but still... :)
  • Fixes:
  • • Fixed issue with pasting images from Chrome resources inspector panel, these pictures are base64-encoded and are embedded in to the html source text. Chrome resource inspector is not the only place where such images may appear, therefore it will work also on importing and on Drag&Drop of HTML text from other apps.
  • • Fixed issue with selecting Saturday as the only repeating weekly reminder date - Reported on the forum
  • • Fixed issue with refreshing some skin-dependent icons on changing skins/themes.
  • • Fixed major performance issue which had place for Deluxe trial users - in trial mode unneeded license verifications where unintentionally called without need, which could cause screen re-paint slowness.
  • • Fixed issue with importing data from .txt and .html formats, in some rare cases a dead loop could happen which was preventing from data importing.
  • • Fixed issue with First Start Wizard, on some systems it wasn't invoked automatically on first start.
  • • Few other minor fixes and improvements.

Changes for v2.82 - v2.83

  • New features:
  • • Greatly reworked Arabic localization to include all new strings and huge amount of old texts where revised/corrected.
  • • Implemented sorting text within single table cell.
  • Fixes:
  • • On creating new hyperlink within text the cursor is placed after hyperlink text. Previously it was highlighting whole text, which could lead to accidental hyperlink deletion if to do not unselect hyperlink text and type something at once. Reported here
  • • Fixed issue with tracking/loading changes done by external app to attachments stored in AllMyNotes Organizer. During the UI prompt (which appeared even in background after first file change detection), the file was exclusively locked, and all further changes by external app where blacked which was preventing third-party app from saving changes. Reported here
  • • Some more small app improvements and corrections to improve your notetaking experience.

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