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Version history for AlomWare Actions

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Changes for v1.33 - v1.35

  • Bug fix: Recording macros now includes symbols again (accidentally broken in last update).
  • +--------------------------------------+
  • | AlomWare Actions v1.34 (26 Oct 2016) |
  • +--------------------------------------+
  • Bug fix: Hotkey issues for Windows XP and Vista should be fixed.
  • Bug fix: Reduced high CPU use for actions that contain tight loops.
  • Bug fix: No risk of internal filename clashes when multiple running actions of folder steps.
  • Bug fix: No more false "Action does not exist" and "There are no steps in this action" errors.
  • Bug fix: The short day name variable value for Sunday is now correct ("Sun" instead of "Sunday").
  • Preventative fix: Assigning a folder manually now auto-adds a trailing backslash if you forget.
  • Preventative fix: Assigning files and folders with any double backslashes (\\) now become one (\).
  • Change: Removed the "Download Wikipedia article" example as Wikipedia changed their page formatting.

Changes for v1.30 - v1.31

  • * Bug fix: Window no longer flickers when being opened.
  • * Bug fix: Macro recording for mouse button up/down states.
  • * Bug fix: Debugger is now DPI-aware for correct font scaling.
  • * Bug fix: Debugger now shows the current date and time values.
  • * Security fix: "File: Open as user" now encrypts the user info.
  • * Change: "Action: End" is now "Action: Quit" and in red.
  • * Change: "Action: Show failure messages" is now "Action: Set failure messages".
  • * Change: "Counter: Increment by" is now "Counter: Increase by".
  • * Addition: New menu option to hide the app's window.
  • * Addition: You can widen the step list by dragging it left.
  • * Addition: Actions can be added to the system tray menu.
  • * Addition: Macro playback can simulate mouse movements.
  • * Addition: New tutorial in the manual about if/then blocks.
  • * New step: "Action: Continue next block if."
  • * New step: "Action: End of block."
  • * New step: "Action: Set date$ format to."
  • * New step: "Action: Set time$ format to."
  • * New step: "Counter: Decrease by."
  • * New step: "File: Assign from folder randomly."
  • * New step: "Keyboard: Save."
  • * New step: "String: Assign from date."
  • * New step: "String: Assign from random line in file."
  • * New variable: "ds$" for the weekday as a short name.
  • * New variable: "dl$" for the weekday as a long name.
  • * New variable: "ms$" for the month as a short name.
  • * New variable: "ml$" for the month as a long name.
  • * The usual maintenance fixes and optimizations.
  • * Minor corrections and changes to the manual.

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