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Version history for Artweaver Free

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Changes for v7.0.1 - v7.0.4

  • Improved brush stroke performance with impasto
  • Improved PSD text layer loading
  • Removed not supported page setup margins
  • Fixed errors when executing certain FilterFX scripts
  • Fixed not correct centered document in print preview
  • Fixed text tool rendering issues with some special fonts
  • Fixed not all layer properties are duplicated
  • Fixed errors when hiding brush selector
  • Fixed various error reports

Changes for v7.0 - v7.0.1

  • Added new brush warning for Airbrush pressure
  • Improved document saving
  • Fixed errors with XP-Pen tablets
  • Fixed error when fast selecting brush presets
  • Fixed error when closing brush editor popup
  • Fixed wrong brush editor popup height
  • Fixed wrong default DPI value when loading PNG files

Changes for v6.0.12 - v7.0

  • Improved brush handling and adjustments
  • Simplified preset handling
  • Windows Ink Pen support
  • Improved update
  • Misc improvements / adjustments

Changes for v6.0.10 - v6.0.12

  • Improved stability
  • Fixed error when using clone sources

Changes for v6.0.9 - v6.0.10

  • Improved memory management in some filters
  • Improved error message when preset loading fails
  • Improved stability of built-in update function
  • Fixed display errors on preview palette
  • Fixed various errors in move tool with selection

Changes for v6.0.8 - v6.0.9

  • Improved memory handling
  • Fixed various issues reported by automatic error reports

Changes for v6.0.7 - v6.0.8

  • Reduced overall memory usage
  • Fixed a crash closing all documents with a special tab arrangement
  • Fixed not updating coordinates while a tool is in use
  • Fixed wrong shown transformation frame with low zoom levels

Changes for v6.0.2 - v6.0.3

  • Added delete script command to FilterFX filter
  • Added undo and redo commands to FilterFX filter editor
  • Added context menu to FilterFX filter editor
  • Crash when using FilterFX help fixed
  • Various errors fixed

Changes for v6.0 - v6.0.1

  • Italian language file added to setup
  • Save button on button bar improved
  • English localization improved
  • Faulty copy & paste via clipboard fixed
  • Not working default script in FilterFX filter fixed
  • Wrong size of brush profile selector fixed
  • Memory errors fixed
  • Various errors fixed

Changes for v5.1.1 - v6.0

  • This new version highlights the following new features
  • Support for High DPI displays
  • User interface improvements
  • New Filter
  • Tool improvements
  • Misc improvements / adjustments
  • Support for High DPI displays
  • Artweaver is now able to adjust its whole user interface to the current DPI scaling of the system. Therefore Artweaver will no longer look blurry if the system scaling is set to a higher value than 100%.
  • User interface improvements
  • The Artweaver user interface has been improved in many places with small, but very useful enhancements:
  • New button bar with common commands
  • Brush category and variant preset selectors merged into one preset selector
  • Min Size option on brush palette has been replaced by grain option
  • Event playback shows current played event number and total number of events
  • Current number of layers added to available document status bar information
  • New Filter
  • FilterFX to execute FilterFX scripts as filters
  • Tool improvements
  • Some tools got small but helpful improvements:
  • Move tool moves the content of selections if there are any
  • Move, selection and crop tools move by 10 pixels when shift key is pressed
  • Misc improvements / adjustments
  • Clone document draws original document with only 50% opacity
  • Swatch exchange (*.ASE) color set support
  • Online update improved
  • Memory handling improved
  • integration removed
  • Standalone team server application added

Changes for v5.0.8 - v5.1.1

  • Stability improved
  • Various small errors fixed

Changes for v5.0 - v5.0.5

  • Playback of events improved
  • Changing visibility of docked palettes improved
  • Error report creation improved
  • Virtual memory management improved
  • Black borders after using shape tool fixed
  • Wrong positioning of clone source indicator fixed
  • Wrong brush category symbols when exporting fixed

Changes for v4.5.4 - v5.0

  • This version includes the following new features and improvements:
  • New Features
  • High precision 16bit brush engine for exact results especially with low opacity values.
  • Brush Engine Improvements
  • Improved quality of the Other - Blur and Other - Sharpen method
  • Behavior of Grainy cover and Grainy mild cover method changed so that for less grain the regular brush is applied and not almost nothing
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Documents are saved as a copy if they contain features which not supported by the selected file format
  • All presets can be exported, brush categories completely with all their variants
  • Do not show again option for more message dialogs
  • Better warning message for unsupported features while saving
  • Confirmation before restoring recovery information on application startup
  • Test of entered account details in preferences
  • More Improvements
  • Improved export of presets in events
  • Improved selection tools
  • Improved event support for tools
  • Better quality for some filters on layers with transparency and impasto
  • Read and write support for the OpenRaster file format (0.0.4-pre.1 specification)
  • JPEG support for YCbCR, CMYK and YCCK color formats

Changes for v4.5.3 - v4.5.4

  • Russian language file by Garniv added
  • Maximum grid size to 250 pixels increased
  • Error when selecting text layer in text tool fixed
  • Error reports: 2386096378, 2433739697, 2851387731, 1492471284

Changes for v4.0.2 - v4.0.4

  • Danish translation by ChristianB improved
  • Error on capturing non square imagestamps fixed
  • Error in direction expression of Imagestamp brushes fixed
  • Wrong error report links fixed
  • Error reports: 1749236336, 1952525287, 889825442, 2277753631, 503774859, 1627553306, 3067540866

Changes for v3.1.4 - v3.1.5

  • Palette handling improved
  • Automatic update improved
  • Filter preview with existing selection improved
  • JPEG image buffer overflow vulnerability CVE-2013-3481 fixed (thanks to Kaveh Ghaemmagham via Secunia SVCRP)
  • Artifacts when applying filters with existing selections fixed
  • Black borders with blur brush category fixed
  • Wrong selection order when saving into PSD format fixed
  • Error on applying filters with selections fixed
  • Wrong spacing of warp brush method fixed
  • Crash on loading default keyboard shortcuts fixed

Changes for v3.1.3 - v3.1.4

  • Captured quality of brushes export improved
  • Brushes import result message improved
  • Wrong brush method and category during ABR brush import fixed
  • Minimum size of custom palette improved
  • Palette handling improved
  • Straight Line mode of brush tool improved
  • Error in glow filter from filter gallery fixed

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